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need to sell

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Je 8.5:1 pistons- $50 (100 miles)
stock head bare w/ valve train- $75 ob + shipping
sr20 stock block-ob
eiback prokits-$100 ob + shipping
1 stock b13 steeringwheels-ob
stock b13 spring--$50 + shipping
2 plastic race seat--$50 + shipping
5 point race harnes--make offers
power steering pump--bo
usdm intake manifold--bo
some interior parts (center peice, shift boot, stock b13 seat, dash board, and more)
2 b13 rims w/ tires
will concider trades if reasonable.
may other motor parts let me know.

this stuff needs to go. make the best offer. need to make room for jdm motor for the spring time. no joke. help me out get rid of these parts.
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Are the pistons in great shape? Can I get some pics? I don't mind waiting. I want these for sure if they are in prestine condition. Let me know if you can get pics, and if so please PM me with some. Also, this is for all 4 pistons, wrist pins and snap rings? Standard bore? Thanks.

what brand are the harnesses?????
pmed both of you
Is the plastic seat similar to the ones on Summit? Does it have like a padded cover that goes on it? Also what color and will it be hard to mount in my 93 SER?
no cover and all you have to do is mount your seat brackets the that seat and your good to go. let me know
do u have ecu and wiring harness?
already sold that ecu and harness
I will take the stock block off your hands. Let me know how much. Thanks
$50 + shipping but it has the valve train too. let me know.
this stuff needs to go taking up space in the shed so help out.
also taking trades if reasonable.
help me out here guys still have this stuff that need to go. i'll even take trades.
92WHTSE-R said:
help me out here guys still have this stuff that need to go. i'll even take trades.

I have many things to trade. Let me know what you are interested in, thanks!
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