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well I new it was coming soon but not this soon my car had a cluch masters hd presure plate and lightend flywheel installed about 2 years ago.well driving monday morning to get breakfast my car became lock into gear.I thought Damn need to adjust the cable but the peddle still worked so I limped it back home in first and parked it in the garage.then proceded to disasemble "johnny 5" after I get the tranny out and take the pressure plate off I noticed the disc spring lodged between the flywheel and disc "f**k Cluch Masters" this was the second time this then I sent my flywheel down to L.A. to get a new heat shield press in and got on the horn looking for a new clutch (other than Clutch Masters)I've heard alot about ACT clutches so I'm going with that.this is the kicker the distributer in my area is down the road SR Motorsports (the red RX7 that runs 8 sec)a mazda shop selling se-r parts? but thats kool.Ray said there broading the horizon in the Import market since the don't make the RX7 anymore..well anyways I ordered the ACT clutch any other opinions? I figured since he runs the clutch in an 8 sec RX7 it should work well in my SE-R
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