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If you are ordering parts online(Ebay), make sure you call them, how ever big they are and make sure that they have the item on the shelf, DO NOT assume they do because it states it on the web site. Case in point, I ordered a Light weight pully set from
Qualified Japanese Parts,
The web store they have, stated they had 12 in stock, so I assumed they would walk over put the item in the box and ship it to me. Wrong, three months later we e-mailed them and they stated they did not recieve the item yet, They did say they would refund my money less service fees (about 25 dollors), or wait an additional month, and they would send it out, I agreed, 2 months later no pullies, well then, automated web responses(e-mails) do not cut it. In addition If you give them bad feed back they threaten you with there own bad feed back on you.:squint: {Just a heads up}
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