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Project HOtel
I know I haven't been very active in a while... but I thought I'd show you guys what I've been into.... Property Investment. Obviously I'm not the investor. I'm buying property back up to 51% of the company from the Investor through Profit Shares, as a percerntage of the initial investment (not the net worth :) ). We are building quite a bit of capital right now, being that this is mostly a tourist economy in SE Alaska, but more of a destination than a tour boat stop. The hotel needs a remodel, but is fully operational with a full service restaurant, which I'm putting most of my focus into right now (previous management was running it into the ground).
We are getting ready to purchase two more properties this month... I'm super excited.

Here's a couple pictures of the Property and the Town:
Overview of the town

Reflecting :)

IFA Ferry leaving the Ferry terminal (block away)

25K sq feet vs big ass boat!

The view from my restaurant..

Area Attractions:
Anan Bear observatory, only reachable via jetboat about 40K south

Brown Bear feasting on spawning salmon

Glacier at the head of Shakes Lake, also only reachable by jetboat, about 30 mi north of me:

Moose and calves

Since I've been up here, Dec. 31st, I've not had a day off, have been averaging 14 hour days.. but believe it or not, have never been happier... I'm very lucky because, the investor is my Fiance's Dad, and I just kinda happened to fall into it. After coming up here in July last year for vacation and disscussing with him some friendly ideas, apparntly something clicked with him and he offered me the job (after firing his son, who just wasn't right for it).

Unfortunalty, I think I may have to sell my S14, I just wont' have time for it in the next few years, and I don't have the expendable income I used to, all my money is going back into the business. I haven't even driven it yet, had to move before all the bugs got worked out, so it's still in Seattle.. should drive it next month.. lol.

On the brighter side of things, In a couple years if things go well, I can always buy a new GTR Evo :)

Nismo King
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good luck, sounds like a lot of work. im sure it will end up being worth it though. that place is amazing. i would love so much to go to a place like that. the views, land, and the animals are so beautiful. one day i hope i can go up that way.
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