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Photopoint album of preliminary brochure

I asked my mother, who works at the factory @ Nissan, to pick me up some info, if any, on pricing for the SE-R. She picked up a brochure, and to my disbelief, its pretty complete.

I tried to scan a color accurate picture of the lava seat fabric. Its really red&black, not a hint or even illusion of orange or fluorensence.

Spec Vs are available in White, black, blue, aztec red, and silver.

You'll notice the sunroof package requires the audio package, which sucks. And both packages are NOT available with base SE-Rs w/the 5 spd manual.

She also got employee lease prices for the SE-R, the Spec V, the XE, and the Xterra. So, using the known retail vs. lease pricing on the Xterra and XE, I calculated these prices (no options):

SE-R: $15048 Low, $16041 High
Spec V: $16091 Low, $17153 High

I came to this by taking the known retail prices(X) and dividing them by the lease prices for employees(Y), resulting in a constant multiplier(Z):

Retail / Lease = Multiplier

As a result, I got two different multipliers, one for the Xterra, and one for the Sentra XE. I figured the Xterra would represent vehicles higher priced than the SE-R, and the XE would represent vehicles lower than the SE-R.

Then I took the lease prices for the SE-Rs(Y), and multiplied them by the multiplier(Z) of the Xterra and the XE to get high/low numbers:

Multiplier X Lease = Retail

I cant specify lease prices, because my mom likes her job.

So these are approximates, but I believe at least they whittle the ballpark to +/- $1000.

I don't *think* any of this info has been published on these forums before, so eat it up fellas!

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Thanks for posting that info. The only thing that kinda sux is that the Spec-V doesn't come in the awesome Yellow they kept showing the pre-release pictures of. Damn!

Oh well.

Was really hoping they would have released that color as well.

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