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Hello people,
Today i tested a new suspension setup. The shocks are called OSRAV and they are handmade from a nice company in Italy with many options for adjustment.
This shocks uses nitrogen and oil, and i heard about them in a suspension all around test made by a famous greek automagazine. At the particular test from 12 total shocks, this one prooved to be one of the best.
I have not many details about the shocks, but you can read about OSRAV at
So i used the kit-car series shortened by 1 cm for bigger travelling suspension, and i used hypercoils gen2 for springs.
I was very curius, about the performance of this suspension, due to previous bad experiences i had with many suspension combos including bilstein and eibach to our bad Greek roads.
My first impression is excellent. I heard no noise at all comming from struts or springs(i wraped springs) during my driving for about 30 minutes in every known "bad" road. As far as comfort concerns i can say that this setup is way BEtter from my previous setup which was stock shocks with eibach red springs!!!(eibach pro kits) and there is no comparison at all with bilstein-eibach setup.!!
About performance i cant say anything because i havent test the car to b-roads, but due to the fact 300 -200 gives more understeer, i stiffered my rear adjustable whiteline sway bar a bit.
More feedback when i will test the new combo.



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very interesting - looking forward to the reviews and pics if possible
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