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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by cossie:
From what I remember, 97 200SXs have no limited slip.... Need that for ultimate fun. Hate to be a law breaker, but the EGR systems are trash. I'm burning lower emissions since it's removal. Never burned clean even when new untill I "missplaced" my EGR. Can some one help me find it?
I am in no way promoting the removal of said EGR system(s) and it is understood that I am in no way liable for others taking said listed EGR out of said car(s). =)
Other problem areas are as follows: Timing chain tensioner, Water pump, Damaged or broken rear firewall engine mount and it's bracket, front wheel bearings, clutch cable, sticking throttle due to EGR system. There are a few other little things.
excuse me. the 97's *do* have lsd. and i haven't had any problems with those other things you mentioned.
the only thing besides *normal wear* items i've had trouble with was my sunroof. it rattled in the full open position. fixed free by dealer after warrantee expired :)

97 se-r w/108k
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