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New to forum, Considering 200SX SE-R

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Hi, I'm new to this forum, but not SE-Rs. I USED to own a '91 "Classic" SE-R with Pro-Kits/GABs/JWT POP/200SX SE-R Wheels/ Etc. I owned it for 3 years and loved it, but had to sell it to afford the new project car, a '94 Supra TT 6spd which I still have and will have untill I die!!! :)

The reason I am here is because I am considering getting a '95-'97 200SX SE-R as a daily driver for my GF (I will "borrow" it as much as I can) sometime in the future. I was curious of any problem areas they may have. I know the old SE-Rs had the 5th gear pop-out problem amoung other things, is that problem fixed now, is there anything else to look out for? Thanks!

Mike T

Former "Classic" SE-R and maybe Future 200SX SE-R Owner

Current Supra TT Owner:
'94 Supra TT 6spd Targa, 405rwhp 428rwtq / 12.4 @ 118mph, BPU plus other goodies
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I know the 95-96 had a EGR-BPT tube problem which should have been fixed under a recall. Also a wiper seal problem that again was a recall. That's all that I can think of....

'96 SE-R.... a few tweaks here and there :)
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