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New to the forum heres my 91

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New to the forum heres my GTiR swapped 91

This link should work so check it out my GTiR swapped 91 SE-R
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u need to log in to see it :(
^^What HUK said. I didnt even know there was a turboforum.
Ive edited and put my pics on a new host so hopefully you'll be able to see them.
you can see em - nice GTIR swap - how much boost you runnin?
Looks good, I'm jealous of the white paint. Mine will be painted the same in the summer. Any timeslips or dyno sheets?
Im running 9lbs right now and no I havent dynoed it or dragged it so no official numbers yet
looks like a clean setup...
nice, sleeper

did you cut your shifter?looks short

Running a little bit rich :D
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LOL, True.... Good looking swap though. Miata style shifter... ;)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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