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hello i am new to turbo and i am a former nitrous junkie but decide to see what all the hype of boost is about.i will be buying my t-25 kit this week and have already paid for my emanage i am now looking for a nice intercooler and trying to get my oil/coolant line part list filled.I am just looking to boost 6-10psi until i can afford to rebuild the motor.if anyone has any tips or pointers let me know.
I would like to thank the following people for help in getting my kit started Miko,Chriscar,Jgy,Coach for help with my Emanage,GP for his turbo install how to,and nismo sr20det for the emanage.
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For the intercooler, look towards ebay, best bet :)

welcome to turboland, you will never look back. you have been warned.
thanks guys yea i have seen a few good deals on nice intercoolers on ebay but a forum member has one i want just need to get the cash.
welcome, are you planning on runnin 3 in piping from the DP?? I would.
Congrats, I cant wait to join
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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