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Well, here I was writing all kinds of posts talking about my crazy idle. I had installed what I thought were great plugs. (Hey they worked on my Crxs). My car had been idling funny like up and down at lights and stuff and shutting off when I would start it cold.
I tried everything to cure this. I yanked out all emissions, (egr and bpt), did a hellified tune-up and nothing seemed to help. With the egr gone however I saw a big difference. But still idling funny. So while running credit checks at my job at Verizon, I thought, F**k it. I'm buying Ngk plats and see if that helps. So 55 bucks later and after my Big Chicken sandwich was devoured, I put my NGK platinum "R"s on. And fellas, AINT THIS A BITCH, THE G-DAMN SH*T IS RUNNING LIKE A DREAM!!!!! OH MY GOD! WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! The engine was so smooth that I kept looking at my tach to make sure it was on. My pedal had no vibration like before. And then came the good part. When I finally floored it, that tach needle just ate up them RPMs like I porn queen deep throating some.....oh nevermind. BUT HEY, I AM SO HAPPY!! IM SORRY I EVER DOUBTED ANYBODY!!!!

3x ex-Honda owner

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