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Did anybody attend this? This thing was huge!

Of course I had to work and run errands but my friend and his brother went up.

My friend Shawn has a brother who owns a 92 G20. Shawn swapped in a imported DET in this thing. They trailored the car up to the event in Seattle just in case they break anything while they're up there. But at 15 lbs. boost off of a t25 turbo, his brother Andy ran a best time of 13.08! This things gets it! I wish I could have seen it, after the times they were running, Shawn's next goal is to get into the 12's.

Did I mention that he is my mechanic? :)

Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get to drive Andy's car for a little first hand knowledge of what a fast sr20de really feels like! Though the 6-puck ACT clutch will be a little tough to get used too.

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