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You can get the Nis-Knacks new product "HVAC EL face plate" for $60 shipped to your door!! If we can come up with 50 people, price will go down to $55! We already have 26 people right now.

This will fit all year B14 Sentra/200SX. ('95-'99)
Shipping is INCLUDED.
This is for Frostbite or Aqua Ice colors.
Repeat customer discounts DO NOT apply to these prices.
Option magazine NOT included.
For more detail or pictures of this product, go to

Offer expires: October 15, 2001

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Nah, I'd rather get a front/reat STB. Thanks though.

--Saving money and dreaming--
--99 SE-L 'bout stock
--TVR 2500M (being restored)
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