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I have seen these "racing seat belts" on Ebay:

does anybody know anything about them? I asked the seller some questions about ratings (SFI etc) and the manufacter was all he said was that there was no ratings.

It seems like I saw eith or had something simular available.

It would be cool to have "nismo" seat belts provided that they will be strong enough in a "whoopsy daisy" accident.
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if u read fine text, it dosent say they are nismo , just harenss's with nismo logo , i would just buy sparco or someting
Seatbelts are probly the last thing that you want to try to save some money on . If you want a harness setup get a nice set of name brand ones.
get some Takata's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only $330 a piece :D. Chump change ya heard! Haha...I can only dream.................
Thanks guys for the help I was hoping they were sparco's with a name sewn on.

Seat belts is we dont mess around with.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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