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Nissan 2000NX Coupe MS Design from germany

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Hello everyone from germany,

Im Max 27 and builing a NX 2000 Coupe from MS Design.
I bought the car last summer and making it to the streets over winter.
Im quiet far and have done many things.
So far I did:

3rd OEM Brake Light
Full new Brembo Brake pads and discs.
Fully rebuild the brakes itself, new steel brake lines.
Painted the valve cover and changed the gasket.
Made a full service.
Changed the broken drive shaft boots.
Installed OEM Radio and Nissan accoustic Zoom with new Sony Boxes.
Also installed Plasma tacho discs.
Sunny GTI Steering wheel new leatherd and also new leather OEM shift knob.
OEM heated Seats.
New OEM Exhaust for now.

I got the full MS Design bodykit so far, this will be painted and installed. Also the rims.
It got 215.000km on the clock and is still running very good.

As you can see on some pictures it as just a little bit of rust and the bodykit need to be painted and installed.
Thats nearly the last things to do.
Maybe some pictures show my work and I hope to find some crazy mates here :)

Greets from germany 馃枑

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