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Nissan/Aftermarket Businness

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Hey, I've been entertaining the thought of opening a Nissan Aftermarket Mod Shop. This past saturday I was invited to a local car gathering in Newport News VA, which I thought was cool. When I got there, it was held in a shopping mall parking lot. There were at least 40 cars on hand nice clean and tricked out, but not a Nissan in the bunch. I parked my G20 and walked around the lot and saw everything from Mitsibishi's to Fords, lots of different classes and no real sh** talking between owners. I can say I felt left out. Yeah, in VA you might see a Nissan or two with mods in passing but that's It. So I'm thinking it would be a good idea to look into the Nissan aftermarket. How does this sound. A salon type shop that mainly caters to NISSAN, with a mod install and Minor repair shop. I think it could be lucrative, considering that most mods for Nissan are either mailorder from the west coast or hard to find. Just think a place where all Nissan drivers could come for exhaust, headers, cams, wheels you name it. Hey folks help me think of a name. I think I'm on to something here. let me know what you guys think?......Nigel 95G20t/auto
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Yeah I would cater to some of the other popular car models like Mitsubishi, Toyota, Suburu, Audi, Oh! and Honda (no pun intended)
I think It's really time for the US car market to stop treating Nissan like a Japanese family car company. I think Honda's satisfied owners helped to create it's aftermarket and Nissan owners have do the same. Keep the feedback coming.
Hey, I understand where your coming from and I ain't hatin on Honda's, but theres got to be a balance somewhere. From what I can see there are lots or enough aftermarket items made for Nissans, but we always fall into the limited stock or special order catagory when trying to purchase mods. Like I said I live in an area where there aren't many modified Nissan's, but their are no shortages of Nissan's being driven. the very common sentra an 200x models are seen as much as Honda civics. It's that every day Nissan driver that I would try to appeal to,guy or girl young or old. Because the cars are out there, it's just not enough aftermarket businesses catering to them. Everything would need to be well thought out, but no Big Deal. Oh and did I say mailorder. You can also generate local interest by creating a racing team, This would also create rrrrRRRevenue! Just think of the businesses that are already doing it Jim Wolf, Stillen, They have got to be making a killing. and this business would be an extension of what already exist.

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Hey, Marc THANX! A MILLION. Remember a few weeks ago I was inquiring about a cam install
and no one mentioned this place, and their about an hour away. If this turns out to be a nice place? I would still say we Nissan Lovers need more like it. and I still entertain a future business venture, Listen THANX AGAIN! I'll let everyone know how things go.
Turbosentra, there were lots of different groups there at this meet, and people meet there every Saturday on Jefferson Ave, in whats called the Demby section of Newport News, in the COSTCO/Wholesalers parking lot around 9:30/10:00pm. I plan on having RosenAutoSports install my JWT/S3/cams Saturday of this week, If we could agree on a reasonable price for labor. Every Shop I've been to wants to charge the Factory service manual labor cost at $250.00 to $300.00 for six hours labor. Yeah if you allow the timing chain to fall away from the cam sprockets, then you have to realign the chain by pulling apart the entire left side of the engine to do so.Jim Wolf only charges around $100.00 bucks, and Cam installs(done the way Jim Wolf suggest)is only 2hrs in labor cost. I'm hoping they see it this way.

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Stillen,they cost me $560.00....Do you install your mods?
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