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NISSAN KING in my 'hood. NEW VQ V6 RIDE!!!

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A 2004 NISSAN QUEST "S" ( I realy dont need all the fancy stuff ).

Im ready to do some modding on this PORKER!!

I also had both an ARMADA and a QUEST at ONE TIME!! WHAT!!!
But the QUEST was cheaper and more roomy. ( it was sad to give up the PIMPIN ARMADA ) However............ my FATHER PICKED IT UP!! Now he has a 350Z and the PIMPIN ARMADA!! WHAT!!

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............and imagestation is trippin' again. :( what!!!

Heres a few pics from the net, in case my pics do not work.

My headlights have black chrome, not this shiny chrome. P-I-M-P.

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Nice Figgy! Are you going to strip this one as well? :D
The 350z of mini-vans. :D


A Family Truckster for the Figster and family.
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so what - you have 4 cars now??? Figgy is BIG PIMPIN!
Very nice figgy...I know what you mean about the Armada though. Very nice and difficult to pass up.
Badass, thats a real pimp mobile. You can fit all the hoes in there. HAHA.
the quest looks good...
I'm laying down good money that the van will weigh under 2,500lbs within 6 months. :)
SERprise In WV said:
I'm laying down good money that the van will weigh under 2,500lbs within 6 months. :)

GP can I buy into this bet? We can make some serious money.:)
Damn, that Armada just dwarfs that Quest. Hah..nice ride man. Keeping it in the nissan family is good. Nice investment for the family. I bet it's got decent power too. Good buy!
Nice pick-up Figgy. VQ35 power baby!! ;)
I didn't realize how much bigger the Armada was than the Quest until I saw your pic. DAMN! I've been admiring the Titan the more I see it on the roads.
WHOLY chit amigo. That Armada does dwarf the Quest!! Haha, I woulda kept the Armada...but I bet the WIFEY had something to say about that huh? Owell, now you need to clean up that drag car :D
Yeah, I would have loved to keep he Armada but payments were way too high, and like I said, the QUEST has more room. Plus , I really dont need a V8.
I thought it was funny as well that the QUEST looked so small side by side to the ARMADA.
Hay Figgy whats up Playa nice ride, Its gonna be girls night out soon!!!!!
Looking good Figgy! Cant wait to see the next update on your cars!

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