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My wife wanted me to copy my liscence-plate-frame approach, as applied to my Miata, to her 200. I got a couple of those featureless metal frames with a clear plastic lens, and painted them (the frames, not the lenses!) to match the car. Result: the frame blends right in.

She came home from the auto parts store with a paint of paint. Teal, all right, but no idea whose color it'll match. So, we walked right back up (to Auto Zone) and consulted the DupliColor charts. Uh, no Vivid Teal? As a matter of fact, few of Nissan's colors listed, and fewer still of other brands (IIRC, three choices for 2000 Honduhs)? DupliColor always seemd to have the widest array of color-matched paints; I'm surprised.

Two options might be to try a dealer (ugh) or order something custom from Tower Paint. Both seem extreme considering the nature of what I'm doing. Alternatives?

I dunno - Duplicolor says that classics didn't come in silver and last time I was in my garage my B13 was silver, but that could have changed...
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