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Hey guys I was researching t28's. And I came across Norris Designs website. They make upgrades for the GTi-R. SO whoever runs the GTI-R manifold this could be interesting for you. I searched on NOrris Designs before I posted this and nobody had a post about their turbo's.

THey make an upgraded GTi-R t28 unit. One thing though is These turbo's they sell are crazy expensive. Rebuilt GTi-r's go for about 1k after currency conversions. Maybe one of the vendors on the forum could hook up with Norris Designs and sell the Super Hybrid T28's for cheap. SInce regular t28's run $675 from what I've seen on the Sr20performance website. Maybe the Super Hybrid's could be sold for $800-850.

Here's the ND website.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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