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U should be the man to answer this question.
Do u or anyone else know how Ferrer runs his NOS set-up on his sentra?. I called JWT but, since they don't offer this program other than as a spool up, they don't say much. If nos wanted to be used on the top of third and fourth, do u think the JWT 100 shot program would work if used in conjuction with a retard device such from msd (digital 6)???
Or would it just be better to do a wet system, on top of the turbo and hope the proper fuel and timing settings would be good?. I figured that running the JWT regular NOS program on top of the 4.0 bar turbo set-up would be a good way to do it as long as the program can still calculate while running the turbo program.
We are talking on a built bottom end with 72lb injectors, in tank 255 lpg.
Andreas, I know u are the main cat to answer this question. thx

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Call me at my house after 7:00 pm I will answer all you need to know 305-598-7310
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