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Nos kit anyone?

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I have a friend of mine selling a nos kit. I would buy it, but I really don't want to put Nos on my turbo car. He is local so I wanted to post it here first. Would rather have pick up than ship.Here is all it has:

"Compucar Wet Nitrous Kit.

This is a great system. It was used on a 96 Mustang GT with not problems.
This kit can be set up with a 50, 90 or 125 shot. Comes with everything except a wide open throttle switch and pressure gauge.


2 bottles (ones aluminum Compucar bottle and one NOS brand bottle)
Brand new battle warmer, still in box never used
All braided hoses (nitrous hose, fuel hose, and dual purge hoses)
Fuel, nitrous and purge solenoids (this is all still set up and ready to use)
Nitrous switch panel for Mustang. Was mounted where the ashtray was. (Has three illuminated rocker
Switches and one purge button.
All wiring
50, 90, 125 Shot jets
nitrous filter
All for $450
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Beuler, Beuler?
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