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NOS question

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OK guys i have a 2000 Sentra SE with an auto tranny(I know, I know, spare me please), but heres my question how hard would a 50 shot be on my tranny? I was thinking about the Zex nitrous system because it is only activated at WOT. I probably would not use it all the time, just for drag and the occasional beating of a ricer. So do you think it would be very bad on the auto tranny? Any help is appreciated.later.
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Thanks guys, also I thought I read somewhere about one of those high performance ignitions(MSD?)that automatically retards timing 2 deg. when you're spraying, would this be a good investment since my timing is advanced? I don't want my car to feel sluggish whenever I'm not spraying, so I really don't want to have my timing set back all the time.thanks again,later.
Brian, is that thing called the "mastermind" or something like that? I think I saw that somewhere also. Anyways, thanks fellas you are a great help.later
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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