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not a newbie but i have a question (cams)

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what are the difficult procedures in installing your own cams do you have to have special equipment or what, will i need someone to do it for me or do you just simply put them in just anything will help me i am not real shure thanks
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You need:

1) A huge ass socket
2) I believe a 1" open ended wrench (might be wrong though)
3) Zip ties

If you don't have any experience working with engines, I would advise against doing it yourself. It's not difficult by any means but you need to take your time and know what you're doing. (look under JWT s3 cams)
If you can follow those directions without any trouble then go for it. If not, see if you can get someone to assist you. ;)
Here use this. I used this change it. You can do this by your self but having someone who knows will make your life easier.

oh yeah, you WILL NEED a torque wrench. you got to bolt the down the bearing with torque SPECS. Can't stress that enough. AND make sure, the bearing goes in EXCATLY SAME spot/order in which you took them out. don't mix them.

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p.s. ooops. i just read that it's for generic cams, not specifically jwt cams. sorry, but the idea is same. I used the same insturction to install the 91 intake cam.
thsanks guys i appreciate it
thanks guys i appreciate it allot
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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