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Novice SR20DET Questions...

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My buddy did an SR20DET swap into a '92 240SX and it was running great, the motor and turbo were 100% stock.

Then I did a new custom manifold, t3/t04e turbo, 3" turbo back exhaust, FMIC, and all new mandrel bent Intercooler piping.

After the new turbo etc., the car starts and idles fine, but when you pull up to a stip light etc. it tends to idle down and then die. I assume it's a vacuum issue most likely. So my question is: is there any good pics and/or diagrams showing the placement of all vacuuum lines etc. for this setup?

Thanks for any info.
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You might want to try for any help troubleshooting.
If the only thing that was replaced is the Exhaust Manifold-turbo-piping up to the TB, I would recheck your piping connections, if your base idle settings are ok.
Just make a pressure tester and find the leaks. If its not routed correctly search the Site Projnx2000 stated.
It might be as simple as needing to reset the base idle. I'd check for vacuum leaks first and if that checks out, you can find the instructions on how to reset the base idle on (I'm assuming the procedure would be the same, don't know why it wouldn't be).
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