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ntp and bsp???

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i just need a quick answer. what is the difference between a BSP and NTP 1/8" fitting?
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different types of threads. they are not compatible.
BPST = British Pipe Standard Thread
NPT = National Pipe Thread.

They are similar but not the same. It's not a matter of IF mixing the two will leak, but when.
even if you use thread sealer?
Even if. They are NOT going to mate properly. NPT specification was developed to allow connecting pipes without sealant. Not only is there a leak issue, there is a reliability issue since the threads don't mesh as expected.
I believe bsp tapers out to make a seal, while NPT forms a seal by locking on the threads.
well its somewhat late now. because i already put a npt thread into my bsp oil pressure port. is it a good idea to take it out, tap the hole and do it right or just leave it, cause theres thread sealer on it plus it went into the hole somewhat easy.
same way i did mine the first time. Since it was after the fact, I just left it alone and it did fine. The second time around I used a npt/bsp adapter that I bought at ace hardware for 3 bucks.
I can't find a NPT/BSPT adapter around here to save my life.
NPT is also tapered. BPT is pretty new to me so I wouldn't know where to get an adapter...except from NISsport.
alright for those of you who dont think npt and bsp go together they dont! my fittings creaked because i cross threaded them and had to redo them today. it sucked had to pay $60 to get it towed back to my house.
Dshaft96 said:
I can't find a NPT/BSPT adapter around here to save my life.
Then you will need a NPT-to-BSPT adapter, such as the one available at the website (McMaster) that Jonathon posted a link to.

Just make sure it's BSPT male, NPT female, for the oil pressure sending unit.
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