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I finally got the brakes to work. Now I have several new questions.

I ended up replacing the front pads. The replacement pads that matched the old ones were listed as the pads for an ABS equiped NX2000 (my car is non-ABS). I installed these pads and they fit into the caliper, but the inner pad extends about 1/16 of inch past the diameter of the rotor. I measured the rotor thickness and came up with 24 mm. So I assume these are the right rotors that have just worn somewhat.

Anybody know why the pad would extend past the rotor? This is incorrect isn't it?

Are the Front ABS and non-ABS calipers the same? How about the rotors?

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I bet those pads are for the AD22VF brakes. Take them back and get pads for a Sentra SE-R. None of those came with the AD22s, so the pads should fit.

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I went to Nissan dealer today and the part numbers they had for ABS and non-ABS pads, caliper, and rotors were the same.

Now I'm not sure what the story is. Can anyone tell me for sure that the inner brake pad on the front is suppose to hang over the outside edge of the rotor?

I have had several cars and never seen this before.
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