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Last month, I had my clutch replaced. Before that EVERYTHING with the engine was fine. After I got it back (the day before I moved), there were a few problems. Except for one, all of the problems have been fixed. The remaining problem is that the idle SUCKS! Before the water temp gets up to normal, it will stall if I don't keep on the gas. After warming up it idles at around 500-600 RPM. Other than sounding like it has a lumpy cam and shaking the hood off it's hinges, it runs fine. If this helps, when i come to a stop, engine will dies sometimes; other times, it seems like it will stall, but then catches and idles slow.

Anyone have any ideas?? Remember, EVERYTHING was fine before the clutch fix.

Oh, one more thing. The reverse lights wiring harness and another wiring harness on the same "rack" inside the engine bay were reversed. Is there another wiring harness that may not be connected correctly or swapped with another somewhere??

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