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Last night I saw this NX2k for sale in a parking lot. The car is in Biloxi, Mississippi
1992 nx2k
72,476 mi
power lock & windows
vin # is JN1GB36C7NU101759
driver side seat is torn on left side

The price on the window is $1,295
NOTE: this is not my car, I don't know who owns it


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Hey Pat; that is super cheap!!! With only 72,xxx miles??? What is wrong with it??? Anyway, I have an NX (for one more day) with 53,xxx miles and the left side of the seat is already messed up, and will probably be torn be 72,xxx, so that isn't bad... anyway if there is nothin' wrong with it, that is a steal!!!
TOBY in MO. Gettin' rid of his NX for a Nissan 4x4 pickup cause he lives in the backwoods and keeps bottoming out in the NX.
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