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anything out of the interior except the drivers seat and the dash. any of the paneling you need. The car must stay intact so i can drive it when im done with the AWD conversion.

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got door panels w/power windows/locks??
NX$paniard said:
got door panels w/power windows/locks??

sure do make an offer shipping from 34231......
how much would shipping be to 89406 or 92345.. Ill make you an offer based on that info.. also what color are they??

shipping is about 20 bucks for the 2 they are grey in color
ill take the center console armrest compartment with lid. how much shipped to 92126?

pm sent
Ill get back to you on those door panels, i do want them for sure though!! just gotta put out a few fires first.. Thanks!!!
ill have them as long as noone jumps in and says they want em, i hold nothn i need the money for my gti-r so c'mon guys buy my interior
Do you perhaps not need the old stock manual trans ecu? I'd pay $50 shipped for it. Thanks!
Would you be by chance selling the hvac controls? If so I am interested sir. Thanks.
hvac controls are for sale make an offer they are already pulled, the ecu is staying with the motor and tranny, if noone wants the motor and tranny within a month or so ill be parting out the tranny motor and ecu sepratley(excuse my spelling im retarded)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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