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NX2000 Sideskirts (stock)

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f/s NX2000 Sideskirts (stock)

Anybody interested in buying a pair of nx2000 sideskirts if so let me know......
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hey do you think these will fit on a b 13
no I dont think so...... but not positive
are they white? i really need part of em
the sideskirts are blue
I know this thread is old but I still have one will buy there anyone interested now?
Are they in good condition ? What are you asking ? Got pics ?
no pics but probably could manage some here in a day or so. they are in pretty good shape, they are tha navy blue color, I believe nissan called it electric blue. I seen em go for 100 shipped here on the forum but i may be able to do a little better than that depending on what the shipping costs are to canada.
The darker blue is Saphire Blue Pearl. The Lighter Blue is the Electric Blue. Free Bump for all the closet nx1600 owners that wanna pimp their eggs ;)
75 dollars plus shipping
Bump try it again.....anyone I'll get some pics on here tonight
what color? electric blue? how much for shipping to 41005
yeah they are electric blue, i see what i can find out about the shipping
let me know im starting to look for parts to restore my nx...
I also have a stock set of side skirts and a hood from a maroom NX2000
SR Collector 20 said:
I also have a stock set of side skirts and a hood from a maroom NX2000
Start a new thead, hijacker.
pm sent to ya Tooqikk might be a day or two before i can get back on line im out of a town alot so be patient with
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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