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NX2000 test drive and a few questions

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ok so im going wensday to test drive a NX2000 im pretty much STEALING(verrrrrry low price)i know it has a few minor problems but is there anything in perticular i should look for while driving it? and is 5th gear pop out common on the nx's like on b13 se-rs? just tryin to get an idea of what i should look for and as soon as the cars in my name ill relese the price im payin(so no one trys to buy it before me:D) but yeap any advice or insight from current NX2000 owners would be very much apprecaited
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Take off the oil cap,and look in with a flashlight.You will be surprised how much you can see in there.
It isn't as good as taking off the valve cover,but if it is neglected,it will be obvious.
Other wise...popout and rust are the biggest concerns on an NX from my experience.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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