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NX2000 with very low mileage sighting

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On the weekends, I valet at parties for some extra money. This Saturday night, I was at a art museum and a NX2000 pulled up. It was an old man, so I knew it would be an automatic. I got in to pull it around, and once I put it in gear, you could here the exhaust hitting the floorboard. I looked at the odometer, figuring it would have a boat load of miles on it. It had 22,xxx. Not 122k, or 222k, 022k miles. I had to look twice to make sure. I wanted to look under the hood, to see the condition, but I forgot to. It was either a '91 or '92, I didn't look at the production date. if it would have been a 5spd car, I would have given him my name and number if he wanted to sell it.
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You should have given him your name/number anyway, Eric. Regardless of the tranny, that car is one you don't want to let get away.

I did the same to a local guy who pulled up at AutoZone in his 43,000 mile electric blue NX2000 with an automatic in it. Belongs to his snowbird mother-in-law, who leaves it in a garage for 6+ months out of the year.

Maybe he'll call me one day...
Damn eric...I'd love to drive or even SEE an NX around these parts in such good condition with low miles. I agree, you shoulda given him your name and number. Who knows, he might want to sell it one day. Damn, 22000 miles.
My fathers wifes mother. lol has a B12 sentra that has been driven all of 6k. It looks soooooo new.
That sounds sick! I'm in mexico right now, and at the dealership theres a brand new Tsuru 2000GSR, its sooo gorgeous!

Reminds me of this older lady that came to the hospital for a check-up last year, at that time I was a Valet manager for the hospital. She drove up in a 89 Red Integra LS, this car was so immaculate, not a scratch, dent or ding anywhere. I got into the car and the first thing I saw was the odometer reading 9xxx miles. I said gaa-damm, I need to talk to this lady when she comes out. I had the pleasure to talk to this lady for about 15 minutes and complimented her on her super clean car. She told me that she only drove the car for regular doctor visits and local shopping errands. The car has always been garaged kept and never saw a winter to be driven in. I even offered to buy the car if she decided to sell but informs me that she was giving the car to her granddaughter once she got her license. She must be the luckiest person but oh well, didn't hurt to ask about the car.
You should get that. You've had some SE-Rs and an SE, why not an NX?
FastNX said:
You should get that. You've had some SE-Rs and an SE, why not an NX?
Because I like the one I'm going to buy a lot better. :D
one time an old lady brought a 94 se-r with only 40k to my work. she wouldn’t sell it to me :)
how do you guys know they just didnt get a used gauge cluster
theres one near me that i know of with 57000 mile on it. 93 electric blue manual trans. Guy is asking 3k for it. I SOOOOO WANT it, but i have no money. anyone want to give me a finders fee for hooking them up??
I do, I do... Some asshole just pulled out in front of me in a neon and totalled my NX that I had since i was 16 (5 years)... So now Im on the market for another one... PM me some details about it. Thanx.
my 94 only had 51K on it when I got it.
It has a whopping 80k on it now :D
Wish I could speak of this low mileage counting, I'm at 241K and counting the 50-60 miles I put on a day:( Good thing I'm only in about $600 so far.
Low mileage older cars are hard to come by. Hmmm, but I do have an NX2000 for sale with only 63K on it for under $1500. May wanna check the cars for sale section ;)
My uncle has a 83 Thunderbird Super Coupe.
2.3 turbo. It has 23k on it and comes out of a garage about 4 times a year.
I want that car like something fierce.
Its311Pete said:
My uncle has a 83 Thunderbird Super Coupe.
2.3 turbo. It has 23k on it and comes out of a garage about 4 times a year.
I want that car like something fierce.
Wouldn't that be a Turbo Coupe?
Yep, it has to be a turbo coupe, they didn't start making super coupes till 1989. Those turbo coupes handled great but were a little down on power. I've had both and both are good cars. BTW, a bigger boost pulley and exhaust on a super coupe makes it a whole different machine.
my gf bought a plymouth horizon a couple years back, it was a 1989.
interior was PERFECT, exterior needed a couple fix-ups...bumper sagging, rear trim...etc.

guess how many KM she got it with...

13000 KM!!!!!!!!!!!
this thing was perfect, original everything.
it was incredible, then one day on the way to work, she got in an accident. so sad to see that car be taken away :(
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