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Ok - got everything running nicely in my car... still running stock boost...

Now - first thing in the morning or when the car is 100% cool I can make a few minutes of driving without this sound if that matters...

Here is the sound... At above about 4k in any gear 2nd or above (doesn't happen in first) I get a wierd blowing against paper kind of noise from what seems like the passenger side of the engine bay. It appears as if boost is staying constant during this time though.

Now - my BOV - its not recirculated yet, car runs ok, but I notice its letting pressure out even at idle is that correct? Should I just recirc it and see if thats the problem?

Regardless what could be making this sound? Its really wierd sounding and VERY hard to describe, but imagine that sound you can make blowing on a sheet of paper but x100, but its also a cross between that and what a power steering pump sounds like when its low on fluid...

Most importantly the car isn't as powerful once this sound starts...

Any ideas?????

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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