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i was pricing replacement parts for a tune up on my new se-r. I went to Auto Zone and only ended up getting bosch platinum +4's because they did not have the other parts in a decent name brand. I do not trust autozone brand parts. So when i got home i swapped the plugs and found ngk's in there. Does anybody know if those plugs are oem? Also i called the dealership for a cap/rotor , wires , and an oxygen sensor and they said the total would be $145 is this high or should i just pay a premium for oem parts?

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Hey man,

Whats going on? Well, let me begin by saying that yes the NGKs are the plugs that came with the car. They should be the NGK Platinums. I would take the Boschs out and go back for the NGKs. I personnally had the Boshes in there and thought I had a good ride goin' on. After reading various web articles on how good the NGKs are on and even in SCC Magazine I went ahead and got the NGKs for 11 bucks a piece from the dealer. You can get them cheaper at . I put them on and holy jesus, what a smoother ride!! I was bouncing off the rev limiter for a while even. I was very pleased. As for Autozone, my whole car is sponsored by AutoZone. ( in a way ).
My boy is the manager at an Autozone and he gave me all the parts to do a tune up for free. Thats cap/rotor, bosch plug wires, bosch 02 sensor, Autozone fuel filter, K&N drop in filter, battery, and Mobil 1 synthetic oil. My car runs like a dream with 134,000 miles and seeing redline every day.
The plug wires made a big difference as well. And I took out my BPT and disconnected the EGR. I know some people here run Bosch PLus-4s with no problem but I think they are missing out.------------I think $145 is a good price. If I had the money I would go all Nissan parts but you cant beat "FREE".
I would also purchase a Nissan oil filter as well. and dont forget the "crush ring".

-3x CRX owner
-SE-R mods: "Home Depot" intake

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