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Ameen's JDM Roller Rocker SR20 Swap
****Completed: April 08, 2006!!! Final Pics on Page 10!****

Time Spent: Roughly 20 Days Total; Roughly 120 Man Hours (Research/Physical Work/Detailing)
Money Spent: Roughtly $1000 on Swap Alone ($1650 Including Additions/Upgrades/Cleaning)
***Please See Detailed Estimate Below in THIS Post***

"Old & Motor are Two Words that should Never Be Combined, But Damn I Love This Car" - 03/28/06

Continued From THIS Thread:
Why I'm Swapping:

Hello Cincy Area, I will be starting my swap this Saturday... My car has been off the road for almost a month now and it is my daily driver. I think that I have enough information to at least get started by myslelf. I am going to start labeling the engine tonight/tomorrow morning and disconnecting if I can. I don't have any air tools so it's going to take a while. I am initially going to start by myself, but if anyone would like to help you are welcome to come. No expectations though guys... :D

Swap Infomation:
-Engine: 98 USDM Lowport - JDM RR Lowport Swap
-Car: 1998 200SX SE-R (possible spun bearing)
-10 day Weather Forecast:
-I have a non attached 2 car ghetto garage, I have a space heater, might help if it gets cold...
-Tools: I do not have any air tools unfortunately, and I have no hydraulic jacks... yeah :( I've been working with hand tools.
-Swap Prepped Done: Car is on stands currently with oil pans removed so; Engine is drained of all oil, Exhaust secondary detached, Crossmember removed, Front & Rear Mount Bolts Out, and Engine Jacked with Car Jack, Spark Plug Wires Removed, Distributor Cap Removed.

Schedule of What Needs to be Done: Red=Not Complete, Green=Complete
-Clean Out and Organize Garage - (03/15/06)
-Find A Donor Engine Hoist - Will be Provided by Jay on 03/18/06 - (03/14/06)
-Find some Air Tools & Air Compressor to borrow
-Simple Swap Prep: By March 18th, 2006; I will try and have tranmission drained, coolant drained,
visible sensors marked, hoses marked (hopefully pulled) in the next 3 days. - (03/17/06)

How to Drain Tranny: (03/16/06)
-Remove Hood - (03/17/06)
-Disconnect rest of Hoses & Elec. Connectors - (03/17/06)
-Remove Cold Air Intake - (03/15/06)

Head Start Work:
-Removed Top of Intake Manifold - (03/17/06)
-Removed Exhaust Manifold - (03/17/06)
Start Tranferring Motor Mounts - Talking to Brian, Jay about this
Try and Pull axles by myself - Didn't Attempt

Updated: 03/17/06, and Yes I am a nerd... :)

[][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Prepping Goals (Night of Fri. 03/17/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][]​

Day 1: Sat.03/18/06
-Pull Axles (oh God... Nightmares) - w/ help from Jay - 03/18/06
-Detach Engine Harness (More Nightmares) - w/ help from Jay - 03/18/06
-Remove Engine - w/ help from Jay - 03/18/06
-Start to Remove Transmission from Block - Started - 03/18/06
-Start to Transfer Motor Mounts (nooooo) - Getting help with these
-Start on Stuff for Next Day

Head Start Work:
-Get Motor Mount inserts installed... - Getting Help w/ these :)

Updated: 03/18/06

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 1 Goals (Night of Sat.03/18/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 2: Sun. 03/19/06:
Day #2 Interrupted with Schoolwork/Exams, Schedule Changed;
No work completed because of School, and School > Car... continued on Monday

Head Start Work:
-Come up with parts list for Phil for tomorrow afternoon (03/19/06)

Parts List Nissan 98 200sx/Sentra 2.0L SR20DE

These prices here are rounded... and are just here for reference, they are not quotes and you shouldn't hold them as so. I have placed them here for people that want to estimate how much they may be spending if they are in the same predicament.

[*]=Recieved, Green=Purchased, Blue=Alternative

-Drain plug - 21440-50Y00 - Greg V. at Mossy = $4-7 both parts...
-Plug O-Ring - 21481-18000 - Greg V. at Mossy = (above)

[*] -Both Belts (Yes A/C) - Auto Zone = $25
[*] -Water Pump - Nissan 21010-53J00 - I found another at Auto Zone = $39
[*] -Oil Filter - Nissan 15208-65F00 - Greg V. at Mossy = $5
[*] -(4) Spark Plugs - NGK BKR6E-11's - Greg V. at Mossy = about $9 total
-Mitsubishi Starter - I regreased my old Hitachi, I hope its all good... just had "chatter"
-Exhaust Gasket (multilayer metal) - Unfortunately Didn't Order... Using old one for now
[*] -driver's side axle/differential seal - Auto Zone = $5
[*] -passenger's side axle/differential seal - Auto Zone = $5
-Driver Side Axle Seal Dust Shield - I think Jay is Helping me w/ this one
[*] -Tranny Throwout Bearing - Part #??? - Greg V. at Mossy = $24 or so...
[*] -New(er) exedy Clutch/Pressure Plate - Provided by my friend: wnwright! ;)

Random Stuff:
[*] -Lock Tight (Flywheel Bolts) - Auto Zone = $3
[*] -Need Clutch Alignment Tool? - Will be provided by my friend: wnwright! ;)
[*] -(2) 12 point 14mm sockets - NAPA = $2 each
[*] -Axle Grease for starter - Auto Zone = $4
[*] -Funnel w/ 18" hose for filling tranny - Auto Zone/NAPA = $4
-Tranny Oil - Redline MTL, MT-90 4 quarts - = $28 (Thanks Guys)
[*] -Coolant - Non Pre-Mixed 6 quarts or so... - $8 at Wal-Mart
[*] -Engine Oil - Mobil 1 Super Syn 5w30 - 10 quarts - $40 Wal-Mart... so much money... totals later

Updated: 03/28/06

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 2 Goals (Night of Sun. 03/19/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 3: Mon. 03/20/06
-Removal of Tranny Bolts - (03/20/06)
-Remove Pressure Plate - (03/20/06)
-Removal of Auto Crankshaft Pilot Bushing (not sure if necessary)
-Swap Alternator - Need two nuts to fasten... To Auto Zone
-Swap Sensors (there are probably a few)
-Swap Intake Manifold (Waiting for Thermoblock Spacers)
-Swap Distributor Over - (03/20/06) - Took back off...

Head Start Work:
-Purchase Grease for Starter and 12pt Socket for Flywheel - (03/21/06)
-Order New Belts, Water Pump, Take Apart Starter, etc. from Phil - (03/21/06)
-Start Cleaning Engine Bay - (03/20/06)
-Start Priming CAI/VC - (03/20/06) - Not Painting CAI
-Clearcoat Hotshot Header - (03/20/06)
-Sand Downpipe

Updated: 03/20/06, It's gonna be cold tomorrow...

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 3 Goals (Night of Mon. 03/20/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 4: Tue. 03/21/06 Severe Snow Storm, Work Delayed until Afternoon/Tomorrow...
-Remove Flyweel from Old Engine and Swap if possible - (03/23/06)
-Replace Pressure Plate and Clutch with Replacement from Nathan - (03/23/06) - Thanks Nathan!
-Finish Painting VC/Header - (03/22/06)
-Clean Tranny(03/22/06)
-Swap Tranny - Waiting for Axle Seals, and Bearing
-Clean Engine Bay - (03/20/06)

Head Start Work: Starting this afternoon... because of sh*tty weather :mad:
-Purchase All Liquids and stuff under 'Random' Parts list above
-Sand and Paint Hot Shot Down-Pipe (This is last thing on my mind)

-Get Cat Brackets Ordered - (03/20/06)
-Start Cleaning/Swapping Starter - (03/23/06)

Updated: 03/23/06, I hate the post man...

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 4 Goals (Night of Tue. 03/21/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 5: Wed. 03/22/06
-Carry-Over Float Day

Updated: 03/23/06, I really hate the post man...

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 5 Goals (Night of Wed. 03/22/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 6: Thur. 03/23/06
-Carry-Over Float Day

Updated: 03/23/06, I really, really, despise the post man...

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 6 Goals (Night of Thur. 03/23/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 7: Fri. 03/24/06

-Remove "Old" JDM Water Pump - (03/24/06)
-Temporarily Switch Old VC on - (03/24/06)

Nothing Could be done today because parts weren't available

Went to Pick Up Parts This Evening - 03/24/06

Updated: 03/24/06, I hate the post man, UPS, Fed Ex, and any other Shipping Company...

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 7 Goals (Night of Fri. 03/24/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 8: Sat. 03/25/06
Held up because of Parts...

Catch up work:
-Replace "Old" Water Pump on JDM - 03/25/06
-Emergency Trip to Nissan to find B15 Exhaust Gasket :squint:
-Drill New Battery Ground Hole
-Install New Tranny Seals - 03/25/06 Seals Ordered did not fit... Cleaned and reinstalled driver side... was in good condition...
-Install Throwout Bearing - 03/25/06
-Attach Tranny to Block - 03/25/06

Updated: 03/26/06...

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 8 Goals (Night of Sat. 03/25/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 9: Sun. 03/26/06
-Carry-Over Float Day (Will definitely need it!) Waiting on Parts... Continued Wednesday...

Updated: 03/24/06...

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 9 Goals (Night of Sun. 03/26/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 10: Mon. 03/27/06
School Starts Today

-Carry-Over Float Day

Updated: 03/24/06...

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 10 Goals (Night of Mon. 03/27/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 11: Tues. 03/28/06
Got my Suspension & Thermoblok Spacers Today!!! Thanks Justin!

-Carry-Over Float Day
-Install Intake Manifold w/ Thermoblock Spacers - 03/28/06
-Possibly Remove Old Front Suspension

Updated: 03/29/06... I still hate the Fed-Ex Man...

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 11 Goals (Night of Tues. 03/28/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 12: Wed. 03/29/06
-Carry-Over Float Day

-Finish bolting up intake manifold, check connections - (03/29/06)

Updated: 04/06/06

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 12 Goals (Night of Wed. 03/29/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 13: Thur. 03/30/06
-Carry-Over Float Day

Updated: 04/06/06

-put motor mounts on block/cross member

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 13 Goals (Night of Thur. 03/30/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 14: Fri. 03/31/06
No/Nada/Absolutely Zero work will be done today, Going on date w/ the girl...

Updated: 04/06/06

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 14 Goals (Night of Fri. 03/31/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 15: Sat. 04/01/06
-Carry-Over Float Day

-Swap in JDM engine carefully (Torque Everything)

Head Start:
Purchase Fluids...

Updated: 04/06/06

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 15 Goals (Night of Sat. 04/01/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 16: Sun. 04/02/06
Weather was Great... I was very busy this day

-Carry-Over Float Day

Updated: 04/06/06

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 16 Goals (Night of Sun. 04/02/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 17: Mon. 04/03/06
-Carry-Over Float Day

-Get exhaust bolts loose...
-Started Wiring and Connecting

Updated: 04/06/06

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 17 Goals (Night of Mon. 04/03/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 18: Tues. 04/04/06
-Carry-Over Float Day

-Connect All Vacuum Hoses
-Re-Connect Electric Connectors
-Swap My Hot Shot Gen 3 Header to New Motor
-Check Check Check all connections

Updated: 04/06/06

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 18 Goals (Night of Tues. 04/04/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 19: Wed. 04/05/06
Too much Schoolwork to Work on car...

-Carry-Over Float Day

Updated: 04/06/06

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 19 Goals (Night of Wed. 04/05/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 20: Thur. 04/06/06
Weather was TERRIBLE... Weatherman LIED...

-Carry-Over Float Day

Painted Downpipe (Secondary)
Installed Passenger Axle

Updated: 04/06/06

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 20 Goals (Night of Thur. 04/06/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 21: Fri. 04/07/06
Dependent on Weather
-Carry-Over Float Day

-Reinstall Crossmember
-Reinstall Driver Side Axle... No Dust Shield, so gotta smooth it out w/ grease!!!
-Lube up Cams and Put on NEW Valve Cover
-Drain Lubing Oil

Updated: 04/12/06

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 21 Goals (Night of Fri. 04/07/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 22: Sat. 04/08/06
Dependent on Weather

-Carry-Over Float Day

-Reinstall Secondary Exhaust (B) Pipe (Haven't received Cat Mounts)
-Reinstall CAI
-Reinstall Battery (Do Not Connect)
-Fill with new oil
-Fill Tranny Oil
-Fill Radiator (Put in
-Disconnect Distributor Connector
-Crank Engine (Please Work)
-Hopefully Start Car... (By the Grace of God, Please...)

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 22 Goals (Night of Sat. 04/08/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

Day 23: Sun. 04/09/06
-Carry-Over Float Day

-Set Timing... 15*
-Hopefully put on all components like lights, fans, corners, etc.
-Take a Slow Joy Ride to Adjust Clutch, TPS, Throttle Cables
-Purchase Some Gas... 89 Octane for kicks
-Jump up and Down if car is drivable... Buy orange drink
-Celebrate w/ lots of food and possibly more orange drink

Updated: 04/12/06

[][][][][][][][][][]^^^End of Day 23 Goals (Night of Sun. 04/09/06)^^^[][][][][][][][][][]​

This will probably take longer than I plan... I know ;)
So I know I'm a nerd and I like to schedule stupid stuff like this, but I figure this will keep me on task... Most people assumed this would only take a day or two, but I have spread it out just in case of worst case scenario.

As a general rule of thumb, I always follow the generalization that: "If anything can go wrong, it will". There will definetely be hold ups from not having the right tools, possibly broken bolts, difficulty with certain things, needing more than one person, not having help, etc... So I know this 'schedule' is very subject to change. It will probably take much longer than I think it will, but hopefully the beer and pizza and learning involved is worth it.

Adding Performance Parts... While Engine is Out
I was thinking that I could add some performance parts while the motor is out... Not sure if I want to do this as I'm paranoid... and I really just want to start driving her again. I miss my SE-R :( but if you have any ideas that I could do, or have any performance parts you can sell and ship to me for cheap, let me know.

Conclusion, Detailed Estimates & Thanks!
I hope that you all find this helpful and at least interesting to read... Feel free to respond, thanks... Peace!

TOtal Amount Spent for Swap:
The following is my estimate for completing this swap. This entails all the necessities in getting the swap done... The other items (used for refurbishing) are placed at the end and not included in the grand total.

-Late JDM Lowport (RR) SR20 - From Soko w/o Shipping = $550

Rough Total Engine = $600

-Both Belts (Yes A/C) - Auto Zone = $25
-Water Pump - Nissan 21010-53J00 - I found another at Auto Zone = $39
-Oil Filter - Nissan 15208-65F00 - Greg V. at Mossy = $5
-Spark Plugs (4) - NGK BKR6E-11's - Greg V. at Mossy = about $9 total
-I regreased my old Hitachi because I had starter chatter = Free
-Exhaust Gasket (multilayer metal) - Unfortunately Didn't Order... Using old one for now = Free
-Driver's side axle/differential seal - Auto Zone = $5 (Didn't Fit)
-Passenger's side axle/differential seal - Auto Zone = $5 (Didn't Fit)
-Driver Side Axle Seal Dust Shield - I think Jay is Helping me w/ this one
-Tranny Throwout Bearing - Part #??? - Greg V. at Mossy = $24 or so...
-New(er) exedy Clutch/Pressure Plate - Provided by my friend: wnwright! (Undisclosed Amount)
-Getting Mounts Pressed in = Provided by Friend: Tuned200! (Undisclosed Amounts)

Rough Total Parts = $175

Random Stuff:
-Lock Tight (Flywheel Bolts) - Auto Zone = $3
-Need Clutch Alignment Tool? - Will be provided by my friend: wnwright!
-(2) 12 point 14mm sockets - NAPA = $2 each
-Axle Grease for starter - Auto Zone = $4
-Funnel w/ 18" hose for filling tranny - Auto Zone/NAPA = $4
-Tranny Oil - Redline MTL, MT-90 4 quarts - = $28 (Thanks Guys)
-Coolant - Non Pre-Mixed 6 quarts or so... - $8 at Wal-Mart
-Engine Oil - Mobil 1 Super Syn 5w30 - 10 quarts - $40 Wal-Mart...

Rough Total Random Stuff = $100

This total includes deep sockets, extentions, new set of wrenches, a drill my lady bought me, and tons of other stuff... I had NO tools besides a ratchet.

Rough Total Tools= $175

Rough Total for Necessary Items = $1050 (Coming from NOTHING)

Frivelous Items
-Paint/Ceramic/Clearcoat = Jeez, I probably put down a good $75 for refurbishing all my stuff
-Carb/Brake/Throttle Body Cleaner = I swear by these things... Probably a good $20
-Air Fresheners = $5
-Thermoblok Spacers = $70 (went towards helping a friend)
-KYB AGX's & Eibach Sportlines (f) Prokits (r) = $400 (went towards helping a friend also)
-New Headlights = $55

Rough Friv. Items Total = $625

Rough Grand Total for Total Swap = $1675 (For a Clean Swap & Peace of Mind)

Time Spent
This is super rough, but I think its pretty close to what the real time is... I didn't really log this in detail.

Time = Of the 20 days total...
-Approximately 60 - 70 Man Hours for the swap
-Approximately 15 Man Hours of Cleaning up!!!
-Approximately 10 MH for Pictures And Uploading
-Approsimately 45 MH of Research/Questioning/Learning

(I am slow, Finishing a BS in Engineering, have a girlfriend, worked alone most of the time)

I Probably worked less than half of the total time... A lot of time was spent reading the haynes manual, or researching the forums. I did a lot of searching on the internet as well. I would say a good 4-5 hours of work on spring break and after that an average of like half an hour to an hour a day...

What I broke/damaged:
-4 headlight bolts
-2 3/8" Ratchets
-1 1/2" Ratchet
-Ruined 2 pairs of Pants
-Ruined 3 T-Shirts
-My Pride (regained that later)

What I learned these past 20 or so days:
-You can't depend on anyone buy yourself and your closest friends
-Get up get out and do something - is something to live by
-Always Have Faith in yourself, Never give up
-It really sucks having no Daily Driver
-SR20forum has A LOT of information
-I live by my dremmel is sweet and saved me
-Purchase a good Work Light, that will save you lots of frustration
-I love my ratchet... I will never let it go...
-Motor Swaps SUCK by yourself
-A Sh*t Ton of good information about the Roller Rocker SR20
-You can never have enough tools
-I love McDonald's Orange Drink
-The SR20 is one of the most simple, yet intruiging motors I have ever worked with
-Don't attempt a swap by yourself unless you have the correct tools
-Don't push your engine too far
-Always check your oil
-If it aint broke, don't fix it
-KARMA is Real
-I really, really like McDonalds Orange Drink... no seriously
-The Cellphone, the internet, and the digital camera are 3 of the greatest inventions of all time
-I love this care more than any other car I have ever owned in my lifetime
-Working on cars every day is unhealthy
-The 6 P's = Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance...

Did I forget anything?

Oh yeah!

-First and foremost I want to especially thank 3 people for helping me out when they really didn't have to...

Brian (aka TUNED200):
Brian, I just want to thank you so much for helping me out. I called this man out of the blue just to get some insight on what kind of engine I wanted to purchase... He gave me some of his best advice (even though I kind of went against it ;)). He went out of his way to actually pick an engine up for me and drop it off at my house. That was unvelievable of him. Not only did he do that but he even helped me out with my motor mounts. I really do appreciate it more than you know. Thank you.

Jay (aka JingJing):
We all know that I was in a pinch. I could say that I did this whole swap by myself but I would be lying. Jay came to my rescue two seperate weekends to help me out... Not only did he let me borrow his engine hoist, jackstands, two hydraulic lifts, and a timing light... this man took the time to get his hands dirty on my vehicle! He helped me get my damn axles out and honestly did more than he really should have to help me out... These two guys have families at home and still managed to help me out... I really can't explain how much appreciation I have.

Nathan (aka wnwright):
Good 'ol Nathan... Saw that I was in a hectic situation with my clutch. He didn't even think twice about it.... He took the time to find a good condition clutch disc, a pressure plate, and even threw in an alignment tool for me. And to top it off he sent it EVEN without me paying first. I still can't believe it. If I didn't have Nathan's help I would have seriously been faulked for real.

I can honestly say that w/o the 3 above people I would still be sitting in my garage twiddling my thumbs looking up at the sky asking God why this had to happen to me. I couldn't have finished this swap w/o you and if there is anyting you need... I will do anything I can to provide it. I owe you all some lunch, dinner, and some brewsky's.

Lastly I want to thank everyone that has followed me along the way of this swap... Everyone that has answered my stupid questions, discussed interesting information, sparked my mind on certain concepts, and people who have just given me advice in general... The support and advice that you have all given me will never be forgotten. Without it, again, I would be stuck w/o a car, and out of a lot more money than it costs to do this swap... If I forgot anyone please let me know... Thank you and God Bless you all...

And as usual I'm signing out... I still have a lot to do, but at least I won't have to go to bed at 4am thinking about it anymore... strickly 2am now, he he he

Thanks for keeping the faith and as usual... I will continue to stay elaborate and be as helpful as I can... on that note, I will say...

Ameen aka Tokes

Thank you SR20forum

Wish me luck w/ the tuning of this thing!

Deviled Egg!
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Modification Lists & ect.

1998 200sx SE-R - Current Modification List
*** Completed Swap - April 09, 2006 *** Updated 06/15/07***

Introduction & Current Information:
This is my 1998 200SX SE-R. I bought this car in Dayton; after a little research on the SR20 Powerbox I had to have one. Small goals are to get about 160 whp by next Summer. The car now has 100,000 miles on the chassis. I have put about 20,000 of those miles on the new motor, and it is running great! The car is slowly becoming what I want it to be. I scrapped the idea of turbo'ing this car, and bought a b13 to play with. Again... my regards to all that have taken the time to take a peak at my vehicle... If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or would like some information, dont be afraid to contact me... My info can be found on my Forum Profile... Peace!

Current Progress:
154whp & 136ft-lb torque on Mustang Dynometer w/ Stock Cams! :D Peg Leggin' all day! I've got JWT S3R cams in now!

N/A Modifications:
Old Engine: USDM 2.0L Lowport SR20DE
-K&N Drop-In Replacement Filter (When Using Stock Airbox)
-Injen Perfomance CAI
-1991 Highport Sentra SE-R Cams
-Hotshot (Gen 3) Performance Headers
-EDIT Engine Spun a Bearing... Purchased JDM RR Lowport

New Engine: JDM 2.0L Lowport RR SR20DE | 9.8:1 Compression
-Engine Code: Head-2j2 5R; Block-53J (01/02 P11 Primera?)

(Info on Roller Rocker SR20DE's: )
(Info on Swapping the Motor: )

Engine & Transmission Mods
-Injen Technology ® Cold Air Intake
-Jim Wolf Technology S3R Camshafts (PN: ASER0-2KS3R)
-VRS 2.5" Stainless Steel Mandrel Bent Exhaust
-Magnaflow ® 2.5" Muffler w/ 3.5" ID/2.5" ID Stainless Steel Tip
-Magnaflow ® 14" Stainless Steel Resonator (Running Stock 98 Cat)
-Outlaw Engineering ® Thermo-Blok Spacers (All 3)
-Hotshot ® Generation 3 Header & Secondary | Thermocoated (Retired)
-SS Autochrome ® Header w/ 2.5" Secondary
-Running USDM 98 Lowport Intake manifold (for emissions)
-Exedy ® OEM Replacement Clutch Disc & PP (for 2000 SE B15)
-Prothane Solid Eurathane Motor Mounts
-Engineering Suspension Shifter Bushing
-Taylor Thundervolt 50 Ignition Wires (w/ Wire Seperators)
-Homemade PCV Oil Catch Apparatus
-Stock Transmission: OEM 5 Speed Manual Transaxle (Non LSD)
-SR16VE Flywheel from Greg Vogel (Installing)

-17"x7" Volution "Kahn" Racing Wheels (S/S/F) (Sold)
-Kuhmo ® Ecsta | 205/40/17 (Z-Rated) Tires (S/S/F) (Sold)
-Toyo ® Proxes 4 | 205/50/15 (H-Rated) Tires
-Eibach ® Sportline Springs (front) Sold
-Eibach ® Pro-Kit Springs (rear) (front) Sold
-Eibach Ground Control Coilovers (Spring Rate: 325 F | 275 R)
-KYB AGX Adjustable Shocks/Struts (F&R) w/ Cut Front Spring Perch (Thanks Russell)
-Cusco ® Front Strut Tower Bar (For N14 Pulsar GTI-R)
-Cusco ® (B13) Front Adjustable Camber Plates (Installing)
-eBay Rear Adjustable Strut Tower Bar
-Stillen ® Front G Brace Bar (Installing)
-ST Rear Sway Bar (Thanks Brian)

Appearance & Cosmetics:
-Nismo ® Shift Knob (Sold)
-Nismo ® eBay Floor Mats (Front/Back)
-Homemade EGR Heat Shield
-Custom OEM Black Housing '98/'99 Headlamps
-Custom OEM Amber Corners (Retired)
-Custom OEM Black Housing Corners
-Custom Tinted 96 Tail Lamps (Retired)
-Custom OEM Tinted/Color Matched 98 SE-R Tail Lamps
-RR Valve Cover Painted Bronze (Retired)
-Powder Coated RR Valve Cover (Installing, Thanks Brennan)

-OEM Double Din In-Dash CD/Tape/Radio (Stock Stereo for Life!!!)
-Verge 6-1/2" Coaxials 105W Peak (Starving for Power)

Things to be Accomplished:
-Replace Motor! Thanks Jay, Brian, Nathan (03/25/06)
-Replace Water Pump (03/25/06)
-Replace Throwout Bearing (03/25/06)
-Install New Belts (03/25/06)
-Replace Axle Seals (03/25/06)
-Replace Damaged Rear Rotors & Pads (Thanks Brian!!!!) (12/09/06)
-Install Rear ST Swaybar, again, Thanks Brian!!! (12/09/06)
-Replace Hitiachi Starter w/ Mitsubishi (12/19/06)
-Powdercoat Valve Cover (Brennan: 12/31/07)
-Replace Distributor Cap & Rotor (4/23/07)
-Install JWT S3R Camshafts (06/15/07)
-Replace Fuel Filter
-Install Lightweight Flywheel
-Powdercoat OEM Wheels a "Special Color" :tongue:

Almighty Schedule of What Will be Done (Legend): Red=Not Complete, Green=Complete​

Immediate Plans: (1 Month Plans; Complete by 07/17/06)
-Attain Financial Stability w/ full time job (no more college for me)
-Find a good tuning shop and dyno to see where I'm at... (154whp/136ft-lb)
-Weld OEM Muffler to exhaust b-pipe (Replaced Exhaust)
-Full Tune Up - Wires, Spark Plugs, 300zx Fuel Filter, Oil Filter, etc. (parts all purchased from GregV)
-Replace all Brake Pads (Akebono - Did rear, Front Coming
-Get car re-registered w/ personalized plates (I went with MEENERS, $95 total online)

Near Future Plans: (3-5 Month Plans; Complete by 11/17/06)
-Part out 98 DE motor and sell as much as possible to make money from old swap
-Moving to better neighborhood (restricted a lot of my modding capabilities b/c of area)
-Upgrade Exhaust to 2.25 or 2.5"... Magnaflow Resonator, stock cat, Stromung Muffler or Custom, or VRS Group Buy
-Sell my HS Gen 3 Header and purchase Gen 5, SSAC, any w/ wider primaries and EGR bung. (Currently Fixing HS, Bought 2.5" SSAC)
-Find SR20VE Flywheel. (bought)
-Investigate purchasing a daily driver ride unmolested... (I'm getting a B13)
-Investigate money invested for VE/Turbo Options and make excel table

Distant Future Plans: (12-18 Months Plans; Complete by 12/17/07)
-Purchase Daily Beater <$1000 (Finally got me a 93 SE-R to fool with!)
-Purchase JWT S3R Camshafts (PN: ASER0-2KS3R) .450" Lift/262 Degree Duration
-Investigate ECU options for Roller Rocker Turbo or VE Option
-Purchase Oil Temp, Water Temp, Oil Pressure Gauges (N/A) (PN: _____, _____, _____)
-Purcahse Boost, A/F Ratio, Oil Pressure Gauges (Turbo) (PN: _____, _____, _____)

From a Late Night Shoot

When I went to Visit My Pops...

Back when I first Completed the Tails & Rear Tray


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Why do you want to do it the hard way???? hehe

leave the whole drivetrain in 1 piece and drop it out the bottom. drain radiator and remove,disconnect battery, alternator harness, fuel lines, cruise, all body plugs, exhaust, need to be unhooked, pull the main engine harness through the firewall after unhooking the ecu, unbolt ac from motor if you plan on keeping it and move out of the way. seperate the axles from the hubs, 1 12mm bolt for the shift linkage, 4 bolts for the x member, and 4 (not all have to be removed)more bolts for the other 2 mounts and it is out in about an hour.

If I didn't have plans already I'd drive up to help this weekend.

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I know I know I know... :D

Unless someone has the tools for me to borrow, I don't have a choice my friend :) I dont have a choice right now so I am working with what I have...

I don't have the utensils to do it that way... the people that are willing to help me are offering to let me borrow a hoist... So I am taking out the top, so I'm taking it for what it is.

Thanks Mandanga,

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hmm.. this sounds very interesting. I might be in cinci from my friday seminar. I might swing by just to check it out... If my JWT ecu comes in this week, then I will be driving it else, its the truck. aaah, brings back memories!!

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You can come by, It's gonna be cold in Ohio though... I'm gonna order Pizza from Adriatico's, sooo big!

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I'm on spring break all week and I live about a half hour away. Let me know some directions from 75 south. Or call my cell (937)241-5196. I've swapped 2 out before, but I always had air tools, yikes!

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Just got the Motor Mounts Today 4 of em... And cleaned and organized the garage, Took off CAI, and am working on labeling sensor/connectors...

BTW, that engine wasn't really that heavy... I drug the damn thing from the side of my garage to the corner by myself? Meh :confused: Anyway... I'm posting pics here in about 15 minutes when they load.

Updated First Post: Cleaned Garage, Pulled CAI - 03/15/06

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My Ghetto Bo-Funk Garage... Cleaning!!!

Today was a good day... High was said to be 48 degrees... but it felt more like 60...

Garage was dirty as PHUCK, this is AFTER 1 hour of cleaning and moving all the huge sh*t out... After taking out things like wooden doors, 5 screens, planks of wood, looks like a valve train from a Merkur, Car Parts, Coolant Reservior, cans, BB's, Car seats from the Merkur, spare tire, and a bunch of other sh*t... RRRRRRRR

Took the time out Clean out my Trunk


SR20 Parts...

Liquids, Lubes, Oils, Sealants, Towels, etc... Put up some wrenches and deep socket wrenches in that plywood. Yeeah!

My Small Aresenal of Tools... Yeah, I need more

Hung some of my Big Wrenches on a Supporting Beam up Top

Put some Tough Carpet up Front so Getting on the Ground wont be as bad

Put some Sponge Like Soak Material Down for my SUPER OIL spill 3 quarts... i also bought some kitty litter to spill over it and sweep for tomorrow

After 4 Hours... And A lot of Sweeping... All Clean

Now back to work...

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This was in the OLD oil pan after a week of settling... mmmm Flakes!


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Since you are going to have the engine hoist anyways, just set the engine/tranny on a jack under the car (have 1-2 guys just to stabilize it). drop it down to the floor. lift the front of the car with the engine hoist, slid the engine/tranny combo out of the way. I have done it both ways, droping it out the bottom is much more simple. Taking it out the top is pretty easy, just make sure you have a leveler for the motor, cause you are going to have to angle it (if you leave the tranny on). FWIW, i have never had air tools to do any swaps, probably done 4-5. I have sunday off, if the misses has to work, maybe I will shoot up there.

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XxToKeSxX said:

[b]Put some Tough Carpet up Front so Getting on the Ground wont be as bad[/b]
uuh, i hope theres enough room to get the engine hoist between the wall and car

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If not then I will have to lower it back down... The car is the farthest back it can be to still get the garage closed... I think it should be okay... shouldn't it be accessible from the sides as well? I don't know... also, I might have to remove that carpet when the hoist gets here... I've seen them in person but they vary in size...

I guess I just have to live and learn on this one... I'm trying to be as prepared as possible!


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Do you think that you can leave the garage open for a few days? You definately need the hoist in front of the car, no matter if you are pulling the engine, or lifting the body. You MIGHT be able to pull it from the side if you remove the tranny first, but it will be a PITA. can you orient the car diagonally in the garage and still close the door. Also is the floor level?

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Good that you have a schedule going for ya. I also had one and i was able to accomplish more things in one day than i had planned. You will have the engine out and parts swapped over within one day. The hardest part is getting everything back in and wiring it all up.

Good luck with it

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reverend_sean said:
Do you think that you can leave the garage open for a few days? You definately need the hoist in front of the car, no matter if you are pulling the engine, or lifting the body. You MIGHT be able to pull it from the side if you remove the tranny first, but it will be a PITA. can you orient the car diagonally in the garage and still close the door. Also is the floor level?
Oh its not a problem to leave the garage open for a day... I will just have to push the car back (hopefully the brakes aren't stuck, its been in this position since February 22nd). If there is a space issue, It can be moved... **** moving it out the side... that was just a thought

strobe14 said:
Good that you have a schedule going for ya. I also had one and i was able to accomplish more things in one day than i had planned. You will have the engine out and parts swapped over within one day. The hardest part is getting everything back in and wiring it all up.

Good luck with it
Thanks Mandanga! :D

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Oh yeah... on a side note... I got my Prothane Mounts Today! Yeah!!! Aaaaaaand I found my problem on the 98 engine, Cotten Pickin' #1 Rod Bearing man... Now I can stop messing around with my current engine.

I'm sure someone on here can make use of it after this... if not I will be keeping it for parts I guess...

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i.e. had to pull in that way because car was knocking and didn't want to put much stress on it. Pans removed to investigate so it won't be running. That's why.

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Day #-1

Well, Day #-1 has started and its WONDERFUL outside... it said it was supposed to be 47 and raining, but it feels like 60 degrees again! Whooo Hooo... Plans are to drain tranny, drain radiator, possibly drain block if needed, mark some sensors, etc.

Beautiul Outside

Ready to Work

Drained Tranny

Radiator Drain Plug Stripped... Don't ask how I got it out!

Drained Radiator... Mmmm Green

The List for Today... Do I need to Drain the BLOCK of coolant as well???

All Plugs Organized

Don't know if I should drain the block or not... oh well, on to other things...
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