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you should have gotten an electrical oil pressure gauge. its less messy. if you dont tighten the tubing good, you will have oil all in your car behind the dash, and even on the ground. it happened to a friend of mine in his G20, he didnt tighten the tubing well, and he had oil all over his radio, and wires...what a mess.

the electrical is a better way to go. if you are looking for the stock sender, its right across from the starter motor, you can only do it from under the car. installation is pretty straight forward on this, but if you bought the gauge locally, see if you can trade it for an electrical one.

here is a picture of my setup:

Serban Gavrilescu
91 Black Metallic SE-R

So I have a mechanical oil pressure gauge. When I did my oil change today I couldn't find the oem sensor that kicks on when pressure drops below 8psi or whatever. I looked from below car near the oil filter. humm I see a little canister thing to the left of the filter. Then realized how tough it would be to reach up there. Also I wasn't sure how to route the plastic tube through the firewall. Although I hate to back down from projects I just said F it. I can see a can of worms a mile away. At least oil shot on my black carpet wouldn't be too noticable. Forgive the long message I just got a real fast keyboard and it makes typing so enjoyable now.
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