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Other 240 Sites?

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What sites would you 240 owners recomend? I am looking for a good quality forum or two to pull information from. I already know of and have looked around at the faq and other info on there.

I recently found an 89' hatch, the only thing I don't like about it is the automatic transmission. Looking for info on swapping a manual trans in and the costs involved. This car would take the place of my 91 NX2k 5-speed for daily driver duty. My dad is hinting that he wants to buy the NX from me to use for driving to and from work while he fixes up his truck.
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avoid club240 at all costs, unless you like learning the wrong stuff, or discussing the best way to attach your ebay body kit and monster wing.
True, but then I avoid Zilvia and 240sxforums because if you weren't there when the forum was founded you get flamed mercilessly for asking anything, whether you searched or not.
240sxforums is a waste anyway.
I use I stopped using 240sxforums. What a waste.
they like me at zilvia... theyve never been anything but nice to me, zilvia is defenitly my forum of choice.
zilvia has been fine with me as well. I have a low post count but I don't really ask many questions either. When asking a noob question I post my search results to show I did try on my own.
I like FA because of the wealth of information available, but you have to be careful to search thoroughly before you post questions.

I thought 240sxforums was OK, but like club240, you have to wade through a lot of crap and "I have heard..." that I quite often don't deal with on FA. Of course, quite a few of the FA guys are full of themselves and can be a-holes.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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