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good evening everyone i would like to setup a group buy for some ground control coilovers for the P10 Chasis.

Vendor/Additonal information
Phone: 619-944-6055
Location: San Diego, CA 92126 USA
e-mail: [email protected]

side note on charles i purchased a set of ground control coilovers, kyb agx adjustable shocks, and a set of bushings for my 1990 300zx last year at tax time and he always kept me informed and let me known when the components would be coming and also proivded a tracking number

We need to get a least TEN people signed up and paid in full by the specified date (this is yet to be determined because i want to see how many people are actually intrested in doing a group buy)

if your SERIOUSLY intrested please post below or PM me.

More information WILL follow once i see how many people are actually intrested, i will keep charles informed and once we get ten + people he can tell us how much the coilovers would cost.

thanks for your time, responses, and questions.


joe a.

this information is also posted on
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