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pacesetter header on GA16de?

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The question is does it bolt right up? The Pacesetter site has a warning that fabrication may be required to get the header to bolt to the factory exhaust. In this case the factory exhaust would be the oem cat.

The Pacesetter picture shows a midpipe with a welded-on flange where it meets the cat. Is this an illusion? Is the flange a few inches short nad I need to make or buy some more plumbing to get it in?

Also does anyone have their armorcoated headers? How good is the finish?

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If I were you I would stay away from Pacesetter. If you want a good header look for a Hotshot or SS/OBX. Also if you need info on the GA16 you might want to head over the the Nissanforums because although people here might be able to discuss the GA16 a little thats not our Area of expertise.
im still rockin the 1.6 too. nissanforums is definately where the ga16 expertise is (and they'll tell you to get the hotshot header for sure) more expensive, but dyno-proven and quality part.
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