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par gears, hks cams, jwt ecu....

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edited, advised by my attorney. this is my project i wont be able to finish.. i am very upset i will never get to see this car together.
i have:
91-93 cm stage 2 clutch w/6k miles on it- $50

se-l wheels with good tires- $400

(unused)jwt ecu(91-93) manual trans. 72lb, ford maf, 8.5.1 cr. w/.5v subtractor circuit, and 6.8 resistors- $700 o.b.o.

(unused) 4- 72lb. msd injectors- $380 o.b.o.

(unused) par synchro mesh gearstack and gears- $2800

b13 5-spd. tranny(in peices,w/ broke 3rd gear)- $200

ford cobra maf- $200

spearco 22"x8"x3" intercooler w/end tanks $375 o.b.o.

white powdercoated i/c piping, custom manifold w/t3t04 flange, and 2.5in. downpipe $1000 (dp has 6k miles on it)

FAL fan- $180

greddy metal head gasket for b13 se-r- $175

pics upon request.

i also have a gutted b13 shell with kyb gr2's, s.s. brake lines(dot5 fluid), and drilled rotors. make offer.

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hks cams?
also, i have a 91-93 head. completely rebuilt. brand new valves, greddy valve springs, hks rocker arm stoppers, and hks step 1, 262 cams. $900 o.b.o.
do you have aim?
First dibs on the clutch...would like more info though. Send me a PM please :)
i would like the ss brake lines, especially the ones for the rear
How much for those ic pipes separate from the turbo, manifold and dp? And do you have pix?
I would be interested in the clutch and or the hks cams. Let me know if you would be willing to sell just the cams.
here is the car. im selling it as is with no motor. gutted, with a shift light, boost and a digi fuel pressure gauge. the clear coat is almost gone and the is a very small primer spot on it.. it will also come with f/r stainless lines and x-drilled rotors. the car uses dot5 brake fluid. it has kyb gr2's and susp. tech. springs(approx. 6k miles), and 3" mandrel exh..
its a 91' w/170k on the chassis..

make me an offer.
most prices negotiable...

par gearstack and gears

powdercoated i/c piping (bov sold seperately)

spearco intercooler

2.5" downpipe

nismo fpr and jwt fuel rail. $100 together--SOLD

profec e-01.. $360

fal fans

se-l wheels

jwt ecu

72# injectors

greddy metal headgasket

i prefer paypal..
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did you get the shipping charges for the head to 43113
price on just the nismo FPR shipped to 06066 also you get my PM on the ecu and injectors??
Will take JWT rail and Nismo FPR for $100. Paypal ready to go if I am next in line. PM Sent.
nismo_sr20det said:
did you get the shipping charges for the head to 43113

let me know.. i can ship thurs.
t03t04sentra: Get me on IM, jme921 so we can discuss details please.
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