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Parting out 93 SER or selling complete for best offer.

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Hello guys

Im selling my 93 SER complete or parting it out....Everything worked fine before I started taking parts off to do body work and now I dont have the time or patience to put it back together. I bought another SER so I really have no need for this one. It has the original motor with 74,xxx miles. Here are a few items but as I mentioned the car is complete except for the front rotors, a battery and the exhaust after the header. If you live close to Tyler, Texas come pick it up and make an offer. Otherwise im parting it out, so let me know what you need and ill take it off and ship it immediately.

Some items include:

Brand new KYB GR2 struts (4)-no miles on them.
Weapon R WAI used.
Pacesetter header(brands new with all hardware)
Headlights/corner lights
Sun visors
2 back bumpers with spoilers
2 fenders/primered black
OEM steering wheel
All interior pieces except for the OEM shift boot and knob
All brake hardware except the 2 front rotors(unless i find them)

Make offers, send Private messages and I will keep updating.

PS. If you want the whole car just let me know and maybe we can figure something out.

Thanks again.
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How much do you want for this:

Pacesetter header(brands new with all hardware)

PM me with a price.
Hows does 125 shipped sound.. I even sanded the crappy paint off and applied ceramic hi temp paint. Includes the downpipe, gaskets, bolts and flex pipe.
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i want the tranny hand headlights and coners give a a price
Do you have the old or newer style Classic front bumper/spoiler? I am looking for the newer style with the bigger lip. If you have this one are you willing to ship, what condition is it in, and how much you want for it? Can I please get pictures too? Thanks.
Pics of car for sale can be seen here guys.
How much for the harness and motor mounts? PM me if they are available.
Bumping to the top
do you have the carpet & board for the trunk? also looking for the back seat (upright part only)

Gary k
[email protected]
Ft worth
93Serprise said:
Pics of car for sale can be seen here guys.
Is that a Stillen rear skirt on the bumper? If so, how much do you want for it? Also, do you have the headliner? How is the condition?
Headliner is in excellent condition. Interior is the best part of the car. Yes that is a Stillen rear skirt in very good condition as well.
I can let the back seat go for 50 plus shipping.
looking for the headlight filler trim (not sure what exactely name is) located above bumper and below headlights, took a look at the car not really sure if you still had them or not. Also are the headers still for sale??, and are you selling the piller pods?, if so what sre the dimensions for them?
Pm sent to deadsentra.
Ok going to be listing an updated parts list. Ive had alot of inquiries but no sales yet. So i have anything you can think of on the car.
If the car has less than 80k miles on it, and the bearings arent rusted, how much for the front hubs shipped to 40219?
Thanks, Josh
I will take pictures of them tomorrow. If interested i can sale them both for 50 plus shipping. Let me know we can negotiate.
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1 - 20 of 67 Posts
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