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Photos of the Day's Events!

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Well, it all started out slowly, but by about 4 people started showing up at the BBQ! We had 3 SE-Rs come, a lot less than i expected but im still glad i got to meet some of you guys n gals. We stuffed ourselves on a load of bugers, drank massive amounts of beer, had a little need for speed drift tournament and left for the show at around 7:30. About 65 cars showed up to the meet, we had to end it early due to the cold weather, nobody really wanted to stay. Lots of cool cars showed up including 2 very nice 3rd gen RX-7s an RX8, 2 SRT-4, 2 WRX, lots of hondas, some SE-Rs, a K's Silvia and a turbo AWD Isuzu Impulse RS. I passed out feedback forms to all of the Attendees. about 7 in 10 said that we needed "more hoes" but there wasnt any negative feedback at all so id say my first car meet wasnt bad at all. Once again thank you guys for coming to the event and I hope we can do this again! Here are the Pics!



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yea, it had really nice deep dish veilside rims, and a beautiful body kit and paint job. Also had under hood mods.
i had a damn good time there......but it was to damn cold!!!!!
i was really only dissapointed at the small amount of sr20s there......but seeing that silvia/240 made the entire trip worthwhile!!!! :D :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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