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Pics and Vids of the S13 Setup B13

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As promised guys. enjoy this is on 7psi still. gonna go to 12psi then 14psi after the afpr

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is that a RFL? i used to have one, they are just stupid loud at 18lbs..hehehe
yeah that is an rfl. i love it haha
whats your idle set at? what air fuel ratios are you getting at idle?
idle is set at 850 rpms but the S4 cams lope is nice. i dont know what the exact air fuel ratios are but its on the richer side. i just have my settings to what i know they are supposed to be at and to where it runs good with no detenation. So far it its running really really good..dyno time will come a little later probably after the holidays to get an exact a/f ratio. i will be putting the afpr on and upping fp to 4 bar and boost will be raised to 14psi while dyno tuning. im hoping to be around 275-280whp at 14-15psi. It feels really really strong by how freakin hard it pulls just on 7psi. im gonna raise the boost little by little to 12 psi just to make sure everything is good, then pull the plugs and see how they are looking. timing is at 15* i could probably run a little more like 17* but im keeping it safe until i can tune it on a dyno instead of by ear and feel.
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Cool project, looks like your getting good results.

so ur running open dp on the right side..from the vids it looks like u where holding the cam while driving.
do you boost on a cold motor?!
yeah im running open greddy 3" dowpipe that goes out on the right side if your facing the motor, its setup exactly the way it would sit in an s13. No i always wait till the motor is warmed up before getting on it. thats a mandatory thing. the temp needle reads really low on mine because i didnt swap the usdm temp sensors into the car. i have my fan tapped into one of my unused relay spots in the engine bay so that it is on when the ignition is on. so the engine stays really cool but is at the temp its supposed to be at. No overheating issues here.

and yes in those i was holding the camera. thats why i couldnt shift and make a longer vid. haha. wasnt looking at the camera while driving though.
how much did that setup cost you?what are you using for an ecu?
Well total amount that it would have cost just to turbo it would have been about $700-$800 or so
But i did everything at once.
Im using an SAFC II on a stock de ecu
Im running the JWT S4's which i bought brand new so that was a big cost of $570
Fidanza Flywheel $175
I got the turbo, tubular manifold, and greddy 3" downpipe for free for doing work on a friends car that has several s13's and S14's including an actual RHD 180sx that i did all the mods to. So that was a big price cut on turboing it.
nice build there, car is looking good. BTW where did u get the Tbolt clamps from?
very nice. i like the valve cover. and im hoping to do a turbo build like this soon...minus the s4 cams probably.
came with the diy intercooler piping along with reinforced couplers.
Real nice guy! Love it, hope to be there someday, thanks for the vids, looking real fresh..

ok so i have available to me a s13 redtop sr turbo manifold,d/p,and turbo that *** same as what you used for your sentra?*** i can get it for cheap....real cheap.
thats baaicly what he is running a tube header for s13.
i just installed a stock s13 mani with a redriled t3 from a sabb on my b13 i only have room for 1 fan but it fits
the only sukky part is there is little room for an air filter and maf unless you go with small pipe and the lower rad hose is to close to the down pipe in front of the trans.
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