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*pics* nitrous express kit for sale

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This is a direct port, it is brand new and never been installed. I rounded off the price to $600 shiped. I bought this kit for about $680. My loss your gain. It comes with everything. Includeing 10lb bottle, all mounting hardware,all lines, all hoses, the solonoids, all jets, all nozzles, wireing, buttons, and other misc. stuff. PM me.

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would you trade for something
is it wet or dry???

can I use this with the 100 hp JWT program?
I will trade for turbo parts.

It is wet, and you would have to call jwt or ask someone with experience, but i dont see why not. PM me.
sell the kit yet
SE-R_Tj said:
can I use this with the 100 hp JWT program?
JWT uses a dry kit.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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