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Hey guys, here's the links to my wrecked SE-R pics. Thanks to Monsoon for hosting them. In pic #1 , you can see the flame under the motor and the smoke in the headlight beam. I happened to have my digital camera with me when it happened. I figured out that the impact broke the rear motor mount causing the motor/trans to fall on the shift linkage and slam the shifter into 1st gear at 50mph. Yep, that'll rev the motor high enough to toss some pistons and rods out the front of the block! Anyway, keep your eyes on the road so your car doesnt end up looking like mine!
Chris B.

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heh, no problem chris. looks like ben helped out a little though, jeeze poor car and poor you for loosing an se-r. btw, you still have those white interior pieces? i never see you online and i keep forgetting to email yah.

never saw me coming did you honduh owner?
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