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I am attaching an email regarding pillar pods. Tom has worked hard to pull this together. Hop on board and get one of these!!!

Hi guys,

I spoke with Lyle today of Lo-Tek and he is finished with the prototype of
our pillar. He is going to send it out to me tomorrow so it should reach me
Monday or Tuesday at the latest. I will send out photos of it when it comes

We still only have about 12-13 people so please try to contact as many
people with 200's that you know, so that we can reach a goal of 20. Lyle has
been very gracious at this point, considering the fact that the time spent
on prototyping and such may be a waste of his time if we can't get up enough
people. Despite this, he has hinted to me that 15 or 16 total commitments
would be enough, as we both think B14 owners will come out of the woodwork
once they see some of these on the market in our cars.

Thanks for your support. Please respond to confirm that all is a go with you
at this point.

[email protected]
'97 200SX SE-R
Albany, GA
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