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Ok went and ordered me some tires today. Trying to find tires in Cookeville sucks. Well that and every good tire has been discontiuned pretty much. So after searching for anything and researching tires think Ive (well already have them ordered) decided on the P4000's in 185/60/r14 H. From what the archives say its a decent tire and wears longer than the rest. Wanted RE-71's or AVS Intermediates but when I found out they usualy last like 20,000 that was kinda bummer. These P4000's are susposed to have like 40,000 or better miles on them. Anyone have any opinions on them? Like it matters much but would like to know how bad or good they are before they go on the tire. Hoping that back driver's side is nothing but some Toe-in causing the wear. Me and eric both think it is since the tire is almost visibly toed in. oh well.
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