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Product ID: PLX-DM-150-OBDII
DM-150 OBD-II Dash Mounted OBD-II Scan Tool, Gauge & External Sensor Monitor
Free Shipping (U.S. Domestic Ground)

DM-150 OBD-II Dash Mounted OBD-II Scan Tool, Gauge & External Sensor Monitor

Retail $389.99 Tuner Tools Price: $370.49

Introducing the new DM-150 OBDII Dash Mount. It combines all the same powerful features of the DM-200 OBDII in a sleek dash mount form factor. New Features Include:

  • Installs in Seconds
  • Instant MPG
  • No External (12v) Power Source Needed
  • Compatible with all OBD-II protocols (including CAN)
  • Custom Gauge Feature
  • Daisy Chain up to 32 PLX Sensor Modules
  • Analog, Digital, or Graph Display
  • 4 Parameter View
  • Compatible with all OBDII protocols (1996 & newer)
  • Check & Clear Engine Codes
  • Off & On Switch
  • Install a Snap

The PLX MULTI-GAUGE DM-150 with OBD-II has taken the automotive display to a whole new level. Now not only can you daisy chain our Sensor Modules but you also have access to all data on your ECU. This allows you to view all parameters of your vehicle and also act as a scan tool to check and clear engine codes when necessary. Unlike other automotive displays on the market where the user has no choice but to view the data presented in one form PLX has designed the DM-150 MULTI-GAUGE so that you can set and change your viewing preferences at any time. All styles have their unique advantages and you should not be limited to one option.

We have the sensor modules from PLX Devices in stock to add Air/Fuel Ratio, EGT, Boost & others to view directly in one monitor along side your OBD data.
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