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It all went down tonight at 8:30pm, only 2 miles from my house. I just got back from standing in the cold for over an hour waiting for a tow truck and having to deal with the cops. I want to tell this story now so it's fresh in my memory.

I was riding passenger with my brother in his '91 MR2 NT w/ some suspenion mods and 17" Enkeis Zoku's....I asked him to take me on some backroads to show me what the car had and to see if he could "**** me in da twisties."

Big mistake.

The curvy road we drove on has already claimed countless victims. (Ryan (RPW200sxsSER)in his SE-R ist just one of many and can attest to this!)

Anyways, all was fine for the first half of the ride. The little MR2 was a phucking rocket, REALLY holding the turns well. My brother was coming up to the turns in 3rd gear, dropping it into 2nd, for the curve, gassing it and letting the RWD push us through the turn at the brink of staying on the road. I was VERY impressed. The car handled as good or better than my car which has nearly $800 in suspension mods.

Well eventually we came upon the final and most deadly curve. It was a blind almost 90 degree curve to the right with trees on both sides of the road, it is banked somewhat and often covered with road salt and gravel in the winter months. In many ways, it was over before it started.

Coming to the curve, my brother downshifted into 2nd once again at about 40mph, we're starting to make the curve, when what do we see?


My brother screamed, I grabbed the "oh-****" handle as he swerved the little MR2 to the right. The ass-end of the car plowed sideways to the left; my brother began to counter-steer to the left and for a brief moment it seemed we were going to be ok. The car straightened out for a instant, but it seemed like an eternity, or like a dream.

It was then obvious that he overcorrected, for just as the car straightened out, the ass end swung the OPPOSITE way to the right, the car slid sideways in the gravel, the wheels locked up as a large 4' foot wide ditch on the left side of the road was coming uncomfortably close.

Well, it came too close.

While sliding the front of car passed the plane of the road, lifted into the air, and SMASHED into the muddy and snowy ground. The R/F wheel popped up into the fenderwell, as we slide even more taking out a reflector pole with the passenger side door, sending it flying into the road many feet away.

The poor little car came to rest finally facing the opposite direction in which we had come at an angle, the entire front half of the car pitched forward into the ditch, with only the L/R wheel making contact with the road.


Reading that makes it seem like it took awhile to happen. In reality it was no more than 10 seconds at the most. It seemed unreal and like a dream. I have a headache now, we were both wearing out seatbelts but I guess the jolt from everything shook my brain up inside my head.

I do remember my brother and I yelling "****!" at about the same time while we were headed for the ditch. That followed with a tremendous force on the car, the in-dash CD player popped out, the car felt like it was about to explode.

Anyways, we got out in dis-belief and inspected the damage, and of course 2 cops showed up and asked us a ton of questions cause they had nothing to do and took a report, we called a tow truck and finally got the car home.

Damage: front of the car is REALLY bad. The bumper is done. The headlights are done. The passenger corner lamp is done. There is a nice big gash and dent on the passenger side door.

As for the deer, it seemed to make it as there was no trace of it except for a few small hairs on the drivers side headlight.

I will have pictures, before and after, of the damage to post here tommorow in the daylight. The car is really good looking in it's healthy state. Such a shame.

WATCH THOSE DEER! (or shoot them if you hunt)

'98 Sentra SE(R)
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Thats shity that it happend to the mr2 hey are nice cars. i dont know how meny times i have come close to hiting dear, once they see the head lights they dont move, hey at least it wasnt a mouse.
I chased some dear down a loging road once in a ford 6 pack that couldnt do more than 40 kmh it was kinda funny.

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Yup good old snap oversteer of the MR2, read alot about it. Espcialy under heavy breaking it would just go nuts. But its also part of the mid-rear setup that causes some of it. LOL to think the newer body style, cant think of the numbers like aw-11 i think, doesnt handle as well as the older boxy things. They are faster but more in a straight line. Good to hear no one was messed up. My friend took a 90 in his ford ranger at a normal speed but gravel or something brought the rear end out. He slid sideways, nosed into a tree, the tree SHEARED the hub off the control arms, something that is not susposed to be able to happen. The tree went up the hood/fender line and ended up denting in the passenger floorboard thats how far it went back. Then the truck rotated around the tree and slammed the cabplus section into a tree. My friend was in the back seat his back was right at the tree, when the glass shattered around his head. Eyes open the whole time. No one was hurt but the truck was seriously ****ed. Then Seamus(the guy in the back) was quite skiddish for a while. Wait the guy in the front seat passenger side broke his leg. The driver punched the roof and left an indent of his class ring in the roof and bruised his knuckles bad.

Everytime I go down Devil's Backbone I always try to be careful cause of all the trees. But **** happens.

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Yeah, I don't remember exactly what was changed in 93, but the rear suspension was massaged a bit. Those things are very difficult to drive fast. The turbos are even worse. Everytime I see one being driven very well at an autocross, I know that driver has his **** together. I autocrossed one once and spun so many times I became magnetized. They really don't like trail-braking

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