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Yes, there are small differences. Some NX have cable driven speedo so obviously the loom does not have a gearbox VSS loom etc. Just a case of patching into the GA16 loom for the wires you need.

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A32 Rear Sway Bar direct fit for P11
B13, B14, B15, P10, & P11 can all use the same alternator. With the B15 and 2000+ P11 being the best / most powerful.
B15 1.8 qg is different. To put onto sr20 Need belt 4K320 (4 rib x 32- 3/4) with no a/c . Not much room for tension but it works great.

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The stock S15 Silvia sidemount intercooler unit minus the inlet and outlet pipes (just the bare core) bolts straight onto the S13 and S14 factory intercooler piping, it's 2.5 litres of capacity instead of only 2 litres and has a more efficient fin design to dissipate heat.
You will probably need two new gaskets for the inlet and outlet pipes for your intercooler and I have included a picture of the part number.
The plastic factory S13 sidemount intercooler ducting needs the four mounting holes to be slotted slightly to make it all line up with the bumper just like oem.
Hopefully someone who's on a budget sees this and finds it useful.


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lol we need to organize this by category...

B13 struts will fit a NX and vice versa
B13 strut rear strut bars will fit a NX and vice versa
NX and B13 ball joints, lateral arms, ball joints tie rod ends sway bar endlinks, and bushings are all the same
NX1600 and all non SR20 powered B13 inner tie rod ends are not the same as the NX200 and B13 SE-Rs
N14 Cusco front strut tower bar will fit an NX, B13 or B14 and maybe even the P10?
P10 rear bearing knuckles and Altima front hubs (4 X 114.3) will fit a B13 or NX why would you want to do this? Just one way to do 300zx front calipers....
Maxima front hubs, Maxima rear bearing knuckle and remachined rear splines on a B13 or NX will enable a 5 lug conversion with 300zx front brakes and maxima rear brakes
240sx to 300zx conversion SS brake lines will fit a B13 and NX for the brake conversion
Maxima MC non abs or abs depending on your vehicle is also needed for the brake conversion
Maxima SS brake lines fit a B13 and NX
NX2000 rear disc brake setup will fit a B13 and vice versa
NX2000 or GTI-R front calipers fit a B13
P10,Maxima or GTI-R rear calipers fit a B13 or NX
GTI-R or Altima MC will fit a B13 or NX

All B13 trunk lids are interchangeable
VW golf headlights or projectors will fit a NX with some cutting of the NX
NX and B13 side markers are the same
Sunny or Tsuru front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper will fit a B13
Sunny headlights or Tsuru headlights will fit a B13
BMW 3 series headlights will fit a B13
GTI-R front bumper will fit a P10 and a B13 with some modifying
B14, B13 and NX rims are all interchangeable

P10 electric trunk popper can be used on a B13 or NX with an aftermarket alarm
P10 Leather Ebrake handle will work on a B13 and NX
NX or GTI-R center console will work in a B13
LHD GTI-R dash will fit in a B13 or NX
B14 HVAC controls will fit in a B13 or NX with some cutting
B13, GTI-R and NX instrument clusters are all interchangeable with some wiring
GTI-R dash gauges will fit in a NX or B13 with some modifying and wiring
Every piece in the dash of a B13 and a NX are interchangeable
NX carpet and B13 carpets are the same
Tsuru floormats will fit in a B13
GTI-R, NX, P10, B13, Tsuru, S13, S14, Sunny, Maxima and Stanza steering wheels are all interchangeable
P10 and Maxima map lights will work in a B13 or NX
B13 4dr power window tracks, Power lock motors, B14 power window and lock switches with some wiring and some relays will enable you to have power windows and locks on the B13
GTI-R power folding mirrors will fit a B13 (Have to have the actual mirror (lens) from the B13 cut down and swapped out with the GTI-R ones or you cant see out of them something about the mirrors being concave or convex for rhd lhd viewing purposes) with some wiring
P10 and B13 GXE electric HVAC controls will work in a NX or B13 with some wiring
My latest mod coming up will be digital climate control using maxima parts and it will all work in a B13 or NX

GTI-R/NX power steering coolant lines will fit a B13 (moves the cooler to the front of the car by the radiator
GTI-R, NX, P10, P11, Bluebird, Sunny, B13, B14,B15 etc... engines are all interchangeable
P10, P11, NX, B13, B14, B15 transmissions are all interchangeable
B13, NX GTI-R power steering canisters are interchangeable (I dunno I just like the round ones that come in the JDM cars vs the squared off ones on the american cars)
GTI-R intercooler setup will fit a B13 and the NX with some modifying
GTI-R, NX, G20 and B13 radiators are all interchangeable
GTI-R carbon canister (smaller for a cleaner engine bay look) will fit a B13, NX or G20
NX and B13 AC setups are the same
NX, P10, Altima and B13 brake boosters I believe are all the same
NX and B13 engine bay wiring harnesses are all interchangeable
NX and B13 fuel pumps are all interchangeable as well as the fuel level senders
NX, P10 and B13 automatic ecus can be used on a manual NX, P10 or B13 but not vice versa
NX downpipe and cat and the section between the cat and the muffler will fit a B13 and vice versa but the mufflers will not interchange

that is all for now...

Bmw 3 series headlights on a b13???? How do they fit? Any modification?
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